17 November 2011

Veteran's Day Weekend

Three day weekends are something I've loved as long as I can remember. They've always meant an extra day to study for an exam or a nice long weekend at the beach. The point is they're fabulous. Now that Nic's a second class at the Academy he gets to leave on Friday nights and on a three day weekend he gets to stay out that extra night. . which means three whole nights of cuddling. Hallelujah!

Eevah's first plane ride
Since last weekend was Veteran's Day weekend -- aka a three day weekend -- I decided to go up and visit, Eevah in tow. She has frequented the airport in her little pink and green purse since she came into our family as she always comes with me to pick Nicy up but she's never actually been on an airplane before. The last few times she has been extremely scared to the point of shaking (if you know her you know this is weird, she's the friendliest dog once she decides she likes you) which had me really worried. Contrary to my anticipations Eevah was absolutely perfect. I got her a new little crate and she just stuck her head out of the top and looked around while snuggled by wherever my legs were. It was really nice having her along, especially for the good-byes because instead of having to wait until I got home to hug her and feel closer to Nicy I got to hold her right when I went through security. A small, but nice and needed comfort.

Nicy dressing Eevah
The visit itself was quite fun. Nic has always sworn up and down that Eevah will not be allowed to wear any type of clothing. This rule gets thrown out when it's cold though because he thinks she needs a coat; he actually went online to try and find a Patagonia or Northface jacket for her but didn't prevail. . . and she was shivering something terrible when we were outside -- especially Friday when the high was maybe in the upper 50s so we went to Paws and spent about an hour trying on cute jackets and sweaters for her. We settled on a crocheted sweater with an anchor on it. And I must admit she really did love it and looked adorable. We also discovered Quiet Rivers (or Waters, I don't even remember) park where we had a little picnic. I love love love picnics and fall foliage and Nic and Eevah so I have to say I was in heaven. It was perfect.

Since this is the first time in four years that we won't be spending Thanksgiving dinner together we decided to do our own Thanksgiving Friday night. We assumed the Navy Lodge had ovens and planned out an entire feast, invited his friends, and I packed the spices in my suitcase. Once we got into the room we made a terrible discovery. There was a stove-top, but no stove!! You would have thought someone died from our reactions, it was quite devastating. . Nonetheless we survived and just went out to dinner. It wasn't the wine filled day of cooking and cuddling I was looking forward too, but it was nice.  And Nic cooked a fabulous breakfast Saturday morning complete with heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes (my favorite) and bacon that was burnt to a crisp and set off the smoke detector. It was the funniest, and funnest, morning we've had in a long time. Few things can make you laugh more than watching your love stand on a bed fanning a smoke detector with a pillow. 
The amazing breakfast, and burnt bacon.
Somewhere along the lines I had assumed the good-byes were going to get easier. I'm not sure if I missed the curve in the road that I was supposed to take for that to happen or what but they aren't getting any easier. It was hard leaving and knowing that I should be seeing him in less than two weeks but instead it isn't for another month. As excited as I am to spend Thanksgiving with my family and be able to eat the lovely food that I've longed for the last three years it is going to be weird not seeing him. .
But I don't wanna go!
 Ciao! xoxo

06 November 2011

Mission Trip? I Like That Idea

I've been tossing around the idea of going on a mission trip for about a year now, but I've never really looked upon it. About a month ago I facebook messaged a fellow sorority sister who has gone on quite a few mission trips and who I look up to dearly for advice on how to really start the process. She responded with great guidance but the hustle and bustle of school and work kept me away from paying it any mind.

Now that I'm sitting here studying for my two tests and practical on Wednesday, it of course pops back into my head and I can't shake it. (Great timing eh?) I was considering doing Peace Corps after getting my nursing degree, but I decided against it. I think a long trip over the summer sounds extremely doable and rewarding. . If you know me you know I am not an outspoken person, especially not concerning God. I have my beliefs, I do strongly believe in them, but I'm not exactly one to go and yell at people for not believing in what I do. If someone is rudely going against what I believe and personally jeering at it I do not have a problem nicely telling them why I believe what I do, I will not sit and have someone makes jests at something that I live by. That being said I do think everyone has their own set of moral codes, but I also think that some places do not have any at all and that's where I would love to go. I want to make a positive difference in a persons life and help them see something that they may have not seen before, or purposefully shut out of their life (I'm guilty of doing this myself).

I just started looking and have already found two trips that I would love to go on. I like one specifically because it is closer to the US. Sad I know, but I've never really been overseas before (Costa Rica doesn't really count). This trip is focused around working with an orphanage in Tijuana. That being said the chances of my being allowed to go to Tijuana are slim to none; my mom was just reading in the paper about how dangerous Mexico is this morning. And she's rather protective, which I'm very thankful for. But I would love to work with children. The second trip which I am extremely drawn to is in Thailand and has to do with human trafficking, an atrocity that I have very strong feelings concerning. I first really became aware of human trafficking through a Lifetime movie and since then it is something that I will willingly get into arguments about and have always wanted to help stop but have never really knew where to start.  Click here if you're interested in reading more about it! And make sure to read this story to understand exactly what is drawing me towards this. It's so heartbreaking.

If any of you have any ideas or places to point me to I would greatly appreciate it as I feel like this is going to be a great journey that I'm just starting to put my toes into.

Ciao!! xoxo

20 October 2011

Nutella Rice Krispies

Okay, so I have a confession to make. . I have never had Nutella. I've heard the wonders of it and how it will change your life and be all you want to snack on but I've just never had the motivation to actually try it. And honestly, I figured if I could avoid having a new favorite bad for you snack I might as well do it. Then I saw this recipe, and told Nic about it and there's absolutely no way I could go up there this weekend without these little love bugs tucked away in my suitcase.

And of course I tried the Nutella while making them. . and proceeded to eat a whole spoonful. Lets just say I am no longer taking today off from working out. IT IS SO INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS OMG.

It's a really simple recipe:

- 1 jar of Nutella (I got the bigger jar and used 3/4 of it)
- 1 package of mini marshmallows
- 6 cups of rice krispies
- 6 tbsp of margarine (or butter, we only use margarine in my house)

In a pot mix the margarine and Nutella together over low heat. Once these are happily joined, add in the marshmallows and mix until a gooey concoction. Add in the six cups of rice krispies and mix until well coated. Pour into a large pan and cool.

Once cooled you can use whatever cookie cutter you have to cut the krispies into cute little shapes or just do it the old fashioned way and cut them with a knife. I only got 16 pumpkins out of the proportions I listed above, so as with the chocolate chip cookies I think I may have to make another batch. .

It's the Great Pumpkin!
Super duper yummy, super unhealthly. . Go make them and then go for a run. But seriously, like now.

Ciao. xoxoxo.

13 October 2011

Cookies Cookies Cookies!!

Finally, my absolutely amazing oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies!! No, that wasn't exactly modest, but yes, they really are delicious.

This was my first time making them, and they were actually a lot trickier than I was expecting them to be but I'll explain why when we get to that point. To begin, the ingredients:

For the oreos:
  • Bag of oreos (I used the good ol' fashioned regulars ones)
For the chocolate chips: 
  • Bag of semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels 
  • Two eggs
  • 2 cups white flour
  • 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
  • 2 sticks of margarine (or butter)
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla 
  • 1 tsp baking soda 
Mix the margarine, eggs, vanilla, brown and white sugar together in a medium bowl. (If you like cookie dough, I highly recommend a big spoonful of this sugary concoction) Mix the flour and baking soda together in another bowl. Slowly mix the dry ingredients in the deliciously sugary mixture. And add the chocolate chippers in! Yummy.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

I used the entire bag of oreos, and therefore had to make a double batch of the chocolate chip cookie dough. You need that much to cover them all. .

Now this is a kind of crucial part that I NEVER follow when making my regular cookies; you actually need to chill them. I did mine for fifteen minutes in the freezer and it was perfect. Before hand, I couldn't get the dough to stick anywhere except my hands.

For composing the stuffed cookie goodness I tried three ways. First, I put the cookie dough both on top and bottom of the oreo -- that didn't work so well, the chocolate chip spread out so you were eating a whole lot of cookie before you even got to the oreo. Then I tried putting a tiny bit on the bottom and more on top, still didn't work. Lastly I just put a big glob on top of the oreo and they actually came out looking pretty normal. This did frustrate the hell out of me. . But I must stay I liked the ones where I put dough on the top and bottom best. Because the dough spread out you got to eat a plain chocolate cookie before you got to the oreo and chocolate chip cookie together.

They are going to look HUGE when you put the cookie dough on them, I was amazed and kind of worried, but it's completely normally.

Bake them for 15 minutes, one pan at a time.
I am going to warn you of two things:
1. They are absolutely addicting, and they will be loved by anyone who loves oreos and chocolate chip cookies. I sent them to Nic and they all adored them.
2. They will make you feel like the biggest fatass, and one will fill you up. But they are soooooo delicious!
Ooey-gooey goodness

Have fun baking!!

Ciao! oxoxo

19 September 2011

First Visit of The Year

This past weekend marked my first visit to Annapolis for the year. Usually I go up for Labor Day weekend, but since I thought I would be living up there that fell through. . but anyways, it was fabulous and full of a bunch of good food!!

Nic's new ability to have Friday nights off as well made it seem like a long weekend so we were both quite content (makes me super excited for an actual long weekend. . three nights of cuddling? oh heck yes!). But back to the recap. I let Nic take over the plans for the weekend once we got there because he seemed to have quite a few surprises up his sleeve. It was actually quite adorable. One of his friends new girlfriend flew into BWI five minutes later than I did on Friday which made a perfect timing situation for a double date. Nic took us all to The Abbey which is this fantastic burger place in Baltimore, Nic actually got a peanut butter burger which sounds atrocious but don't knock until you've tried it. I hate to admit it but it was really good.  I've realized I would never ever want to live in Baltimore (except this one street we drove by which was absolutely GORGEOUS) because as a whole it seems rather scary. .

Saturday was spent with my first experience of the PA Dutch Amish Market. It's also absolutely amazing. I thought Nic was crazy when he tells me the stories of how him and his roommates make bets on just eating two pancakes and an egg sandwich, but now it all makes complete and total sense. While the pancakes are huge, it's more the fact that they are SO filling. I had one pancake and bacon and couldn't even finish the last three bites of my pancake, or the bacon, but it was so incredible. Yum. Afterwords Nic surprised me by taking me to the jewelry store Zacharies where he had me help him pick out the stone for his class ring. It was so special that he wanted me there to help him pick out something that is going to be so meaningful to him for the rest of his life. We decided on a gorgeous diamond cluster antique style ring, with a spectacular sapphire. I'm obsessed. We also got to look at sparklies for me, and I fell in love with one thing in particular, but that's for later discussion. ;)

In case you ever get into this situation don't try opening a wine bottle without a wine bottle opener unless you're a de-corker wizard. . A word to the wise, just don't be lazy and go out into the cold air and get an opener. A car key won't work and your pizza will get cold while you're trying.

Sunday was also another surprise day. Over Valentine's weekend last year we found this restaurant called The Wild Orchid. It's a cute little restaurant out of the way that is decorated in, well, orchids and it's just so presh. On Sundays they have a brunch with complimentary mimosas, un-id-carding waitors, and delicious food. I had been wanting to go again but decided not to say anything and let Nic do his thing. Low and behold he surprised me by taking me there and I was able to have the Crab and Spinach souffle which is just to die for, I totally recommend it! And my mimosa. Yum!!

We then ran into his friend at Starbucks, had a little chat, and proceeded to the Maryland Zoo. I have a ridiculous love/hate relationships with zoos. I love looking at the animals and just going to them and then once I'm there I hate how cruel it is that these poor babies have to live in such tiny enclosures their whole life. . . Nevertheless we had a great trip. Here are my two favorite pictures:

Cutest little penguin that just sat there

I loved Nic taking charge and planning the weekend. While it sadly meant I didn't get to catch up with any of the girlfriends like I had planned :( I still have parents weekend in October and goodness knows I am going to need a sanity break during those three days. .

Now that I'm back home I want nothing more than to go back. I know I should be grateful that I even got to visit, but lets be honest, I would much rather be living there and I'd be much happier if I was. Oh well.

Ciao! Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend! xoxox

11 September 2011

A Trip to Church

If you know me well you will know that I am both not religious and very religious at the same time. It's quite the juxtaposition. .

Unlike most people when large things go "wrong" in my life I turn away from God instead of toward him. I like to know why things are happening the way they are, while they are, not to wait for some divine intervention where I "see the light" and understand.  After an incident three summers ago I completely turned away from God and have maybe gone to church 10 times. . a fact that I'm not necessarily proud of (but one of those times was to a confession -- quite impressive if I don't say so myself). Striking out with Maryland so many times in such a short time frame made me think that maybe I should try and let the big man back in instead of being so stubborn, I mean it really can't hurt, right?  So after much "encouragement" from my parents and Nic, I decided to go back and what better day than today.

Quick background: My family is Catholic. I got detention the first day of first grade in my private Catholic school (I'm actually slightly proud of this haha), I don't have the best mouth in the world (I'm quite a sailor at times), I am really bad at remembering prayers except a select few (like 5) that I really like, I think my particular parish has too much money and it perturbs me, I want to be married in a Catholic "ceremony", and I really do love God and know he exists, I just kinda get pissed at him sometimes.

Now that those quick bits are out of the way, I'll get into why I'm writing a post about this. During mass I wasn't exactly happy. Everything Father Ennis was saying was great, but nothing was "popping out at me" and grabbing my attention and pulling me back to God like I thought it would. Yes, I really thought this was going to be THAT easy once I put a little effort into it. . But there were two immediate goods that occurred. One: Father Ennis is the cutest little old man who I absolute adore, and I always enjoyed listening to him speak, and still do. Two: The entire mass was based on the concept of faith and the forgiveness of sins (for those of you who aren't religious, I will take a pause here for you to chuckle and say "no effing way man", lol). It isn't until right now after getting into a tiff with Nic where I realized how pertinent mass was to me today. It's not that I don't necessarily have faith or trust because I do, it's more that I'm not the best when it comes to completely putting myself in someone else's hands and trusting that whatever they are going to do will be the right decision and I need to work on it, both with the people in my life and especially with God.

Look at me going on a religious inspired ramble. Whodathunkit.

The moral of this entire blog post is that I'm going to "let God back in" and put faith in people and realize that things happen. Sometimes they're great, or horrible, or okay, and sometimes they're just downright strange but I'm not always going to know why and that's just a-oh-kay.

I also am going to stop using so many quotations marks. Goodness.

Ciao. xoxo

As an side thought: I realize this may come off wrong to some people. . hmm, no se. If it does though, no mocking/mean/rudeness was intended. Just stating. xoxoxo.

09 September 2011


I've been sitting here for two hours trying to convince myself to work on my micro study guide and not crawl into my bed under all of my comfy blankets and put on a good movie. . . I've failed on making any progress with the study guide but I have kept myself out of my bed, so it's still an absolute accomplishment in my opinion.

On a good procrastination note, I have discovered three things and because I know you are just sitting there procrastinating doing something important yourself, I'll list them and I'm giving full warning that they are quite random:

1. I really like pumpkin. This isn't exactly something I JUST discovered, it's more of something I just became completely aware and appreciative of. . I've also become aware that World of Beer (I don't really like beer so this bar never really made sense to me until now) has a pumpkin beer!! How delicious does that sound?!!? I've wanted it for a few days now and but have failed in my excursions to get someone to go with me. It has actually turned into what I am deeming a quest, and resulted in a trip downtown last night where I was promised said beer but instead got tricked to a show and them a dirty shirley or two. Now lets be honest here, dirty shirleys definitely aren't pumpkin beer they still result in happiness -- especially when the bartender is nice and packs them with cherries.

2. Bad situations can lead to really good days. I woke up late today - lies, I snoozed my alarm and refused to get out of bed until 9 this morning when I have to leave by 9:20 to get to work on time - so I was stressing and got to work to find all of our registers were going bonkers and something in the store was beeping every single minute. An obnoxious beeping, like the beeping that goes completely through you and makes you want to jump off a bridge beeping. Well, after an HOUR of dealing with it we finally figured it out (someone turned the wrong switch off last night. . . ) hallelujah! Of course once that was resolved the crazy spoiled Windermere, DP, Isleworth wives came in in their groups cackling like the little evil witches they truly are.  Quick fact: these women think that because their husbands make bank they can go around acting like their shit doesn't smell (french, whoops) while it's really stinkier than the rest of ours. . Anyways, I got yelled at quite a few times, had to suck up to a few ladies, got told my math was clearly off (it wasn't btw, you have no idea how much I wanted to say "see, you're wrong asshole" but didn't), froze all day because the ladies had the store at 70, and I was terribly hungover, which is my fault but that's not really an important aspect, all I know is I was horribly hungover. Yet despite that list of ridiculousness I had a fabulous day. Absolutely fabulous. I got to mock all of the uppity ladies with my lovely coworkers, heard them call each other bitches (mind you they're like sixty, wearing Lilly, and never ever say anything mean typically) and got sent on a "sanity run" to Panera for emergency chocolate chip cookies. .

3. This is more of a to-do for you. Go to pandora, make a station entitled "lisztomania, by Phoenix", prepare to be made pretty happy. Music can make anything better, and this music makes me want to dance around with a big ole grin on my face.  lol.

The end. I think I will now go actually get to cracking on this stupid guide. .

Ciao! xoxoxo

04 September 2011

Forty-Eight Hours

The last forty eight hours have been absolutely crazy. About a week ago I discovered Harford Community College in Bel Air, Md. It has a nursing program that starts in the summer and is the only school I've been able to find that has a time line that fits perfectly with the plan I have in my head. That being said, I applied to take two prerequisite classes at the school in order to get an extra point on my nursing application because I "attended Harfod for regular classes". This went swell. . I got into my Micro class. . and had to wait for the Dean of Sciences to give me permission to get into the A&P2 class. . . this permission FINALLY came on Thursday and I decided that I'm moving up. . .

My next issue to tackle was an apartment that would allow Eevah, and not have a full year lease in class I ended up getting into a nursing school back in Florida. Well, for the last forty eight hours I've played email and phone tag with about fifteen people, and none of them work. They're either not available, or a whole year lease, or they won't allow a dog. . . So low and behold I have the opportunity to go to Maryland be happy and live there, but the means (or would it be livelihood? now that's a question. . ) isn't there.

All in all, Florida really needs to just let me go already and Maryland needs to get it's shit together.

Ciao. xoxo. 

23 August 2011

Blessing in Disguise

I´ve decided nursing schools are complicated little buggers that thoroughly enjoy confusing me. That being said, and as I´m sure most/a lot of you know, I'm no longer going to Mount. They came back with an absolutely atrocious financial aid package which had me taking out $22,000 in loans a YEAR and that's all before nursing school. . no thank you. After 5 days of being completely depressed and an absolute joy to be around, lol, I am back up on my feet making chocolate chip cookies and figuring my life out. I thank a relaxing day of internal reflecting at the beach and my mom refusing to allow me to stay in a funk. And Katie and Vicki for dealing with my constant melt downs. ;3, that´s meant to be a heart but my keyboard´s all funky haha.

So now I´m perusing various nursing schools throughout the country and have discovered I have choices and have narrowed my them down to three.

1. Anne Arundel Community College in Annapolis. I´d have to start in the fall, which would have me graduating in December 2013, when Nic has most likely left Annapolis already. Major con.
2. Florida Hospital in Orlando. It´s a good program, I´d start in the summer and also graduate in December 2013 as it´s a longer program.
3. Harford Community College in Bel Air, Maryland. I could start in the summer and do their accelerated program which would have me doing my clinical´s on the weekends, which I really don´t think I´d mind so much. I´d be done August 2013. And it´s an hour away from Nic. Hmmmm.

I´m going to apply to all three and see what happens. I can´t exactly complain about any as long as I get my nursing degree, but we all know where I´m routing for haha.

The moral of this story is that everything happens for a reason. Even though I had my heart set on Mount and moving and had a cute apartment picked out, after thinking about it I think it´s okay this happened. I do better at smaller schools, I did a lot better at Valencia than Rollins specifically because there wasn´t really a party scene at a community college, and I was able to find my own niche. So now I´m just going to sit here eating my cookies and watching Robin Hood realizing this was a huge blessing in disguise.

Ciao! xoxox

PS Does anyone know how to change your keyboard off of the spanish setting, I think it´s under it because none of my lovely dodads like question marks or anything are coming out normal, but all funky. Like here´s what my colon looks like Ñ. lol. Helppp.

16 August 2011

Hi, I'm a home body who's moving to Maryland

I think I have been very niave this entire time about just exactly what moving to Maryland means and entails.

I have a close group of friends in Orlando that I adore to death. I've lived here the majority of my life -- it's my home. I know when to avoid going places because of traffic, the short cuts, cheaper stores, everything. And I'm leaving it all behind. I somehow didn't think I'd sit here and cry about leaving because this has been my sole decision the entire time. . I mean I've had input from everyone I care about but in the end, and for the first time in a long time, I made the decision solely based upon what is better for my future. Not my family, not my friends, not even Nic and I - just me. And this is why I'm moving because I finally need to spread my wings and discover who I am, not who I am with other people.

So that sounds all dandy, I have the right reason for moving, so that has made things easier. Until I went out for happy hour with my good friends to say goodbye last night and realized I won't be doing this for a couple of months. And they won't be only a half an hour drive away, but two and a half hour plane trip home. . . and then the water works started, and they haven't stop since. I've been able to say goodbye to most of my friends (except my best friend who is always ridiculously busy) so at least I'm almost done. But yet all I want to do is jump in my car and go over to my friends house and sit and cry on his couch and refuse to leave, because the truth is that I don't want to start over. I don't want to go to a town that I know nothing about and live in an apartment all by myself. I'm scared, and it scares me that I'm scared.

Sigh. The moral of this story is that we're not emotionless -- well I'm definitely not. I didn't think moving was going to be hard because I didn't really understand that mom isn't going to be able to be there in two seconds if I have a fever. . Don't get me wrong, starting new is exciting but until I get on the road it's more depressing than anything. . . and I honestly don't know how I could deal with this every four years in the future. . and that also scares me shitless. Oi vey.

Ciao. xoxox

03 August 2011

Interesting Day

Holy cow.

So today has been an interesting day meaning I've been doing absolutely nothing but I've enjoyed it. I downloaded two new books for my reader "The Geography of Bliss" and "The Help", took a too long nap, lost my phone, and now, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what camera I want, and finding absolutely ridiculously amazing recipes for my little recipe book and watching NCIS. (Side note: I've decided to put together a little binder full of recipes that I find in various places. It doesn't have pictures, but I don't mind because it's the best compilation of recipes EVER). So anyways.

I did just find a recipe for "overnight banana's foster". This is really exciting because whenever I would visit Annapolis Nic and I would stay at the Double Tree, and typically Nicy would get Banana's Foster the next day. Well, needless to say I am so excited that now whenever he comes over and stays the night he can still have his banana's foster in the morning -- except mine is going to be so much better. ;)

Have I mentioned that I have found a ridiculous large amount of recipes? I'm in love with this site: http://www.skinnytaste.com/ The recipes are healthy, but delicious, and if anyone does weight watchers (I could never understand the concept and am too lazy to actually count. . ) she breaks it all down into their appropriate points. How cool! Anyways, she has these healthy chicken nuggies recipe posted, and I really wanna make them. Right now. Yummy. Also, there's a shrimp salad on cucumber slices recipe, which I want to make as well. Yums.

I'm done for now.

Ciao! xoxox

28 July 2011

True Life: I'm really picky

So, I found an apartment. It's in Thurmont so it's only ten minutes away from the school. Eevah can live there, and it's all older people (lets be frank, I'd be great living in a retirement community and totes ma gotes would if I could).

It has everything I wanted. Allows doggies, close to school, rent is great, washer and dryer in the apartment, and a patio (sick).

But, now I'm being picky? My neighbors nephew lives 10 minutes away from Thurmont and went to check it out for me and sent me pictures. . and, the washer and dryer is in the kitchen? AND I CANNOT GET OVER IT.

Is that weird or am I just being weird? Actually it's a combination of both/get over it.


The end. :) Ciao! xoxoxo.

26 July 2011

Boyfriend, Apartments and Vacations -- Oh My!!

So many things have been happening within the last few days that I decided I need to post a blog update in the first bit of free time I have had in a bit (aka, while Nicy is napping).

Nicholas came home late Saturday which has been absolutely wonderful. I missed him so much and couldn't wait for him to come home. Not to mention he also knows how to make me feel better and stress less, both things which I have been needing desperately. Even though it is only Tuesday, we have been going non-stop since he got back, between dealing with families and Eevah finding any alone time other than at night has been impossible. And I have been so stressed out that night time is consisting of my head hitting the pillow and me falling asleep in two seconds -- so much for conversations.

I had posted earlier about a possible apartment. Well, the lady rented it to someone else so as of this very moment I am apartmentless for this upcoming year. Which is become extremely stressful and hard for me to handle. The only place to find lovely apartments in these god forsaken small towns in Craigslist -- which I have no problem using -- except for the fact that there are no apartments popping up that meet my criteria. My criteria being a 1 br/1ba with a kitchen and washer and dryer. Oh and allowing Eevah. And capping off at $800 a month. Sigh. STRESS-FUL.

So now I sit here, having found yet another apartment. . but this one is totaling out at $850 a month for rent, with a $30 pet fee a month, and $300 nonrefundable pet deposit. Oh, and that doesn't include any utilities so take on another $150. Oi freaking vey.  And these apartments are NOTHING like the apartments in Florida. I would like to move my friends apartment with his lovely fireplace and patio up to Maryland and then everything would be just dandy. Oh, lets also move Mount right next to USNA and the world would be complete. Sorry, I'm done with my stressed out going bonkers rant.

Nic and I are also trying to plan his vacation, and my time left before moving, where we can spend as much time with everyone. It is already getting a wee bit complicated as we need/want to do the following things in the next three weeks:
- Visit his grandparents in St.Pete for at least 2 days
- Visit cousins and Aunt and Uncle in Dunnellon for at least 2 days
- Nic and Kam cell phone less vacation away from everyone = at least two days (but I would rather this just be the whole time. How nice would it be to just be on a beach right now with a huge pina colada in your hand? mmm yummy)
- Spend time with Nic's family
- Spend time with Kam's family
- Family vacation with the Hajner's = Friday-Monday
- Family vacation with the Rebarchak's = ?

Along with shopping, packing, relaxing, and finding somewhere to live. OI VEY!

Someone find me some sanity, and a big glass of "you can do this" wine.

Ciao!! xoxoxo

21 July 2011

"Those Days"

I'm having one of "those days". You know, the days where you're really kind of just sad? I'm having one of those darn days. And I don't exactly get why.

I'm trying out the whole "living on my own thing" the next few days because my parents are out of town. And it's lovely and all, but this is going to suck so much because at this very moment I am bored and sad and relatively lonely (part of this is because I had plans and they died). So, sigh, oi vey.

I wish Nic was home, and I was 100 bazillion percent sure about moving to Maryland, and not feeling like such a baby about living on my own.

The End. 

16 July 2011

Here's to Hoping

I think I may have found an apartment. . keyword in that statement is "may". It's 25 minutes away from Mount St.Mary's which kind of stinks but I've honestly given up trying to live close. There isn't any housing close to the school because the school is in the middle of no where and no one is renting anything that even resembles a 1br (I'm not going to rent a 3br townhouse just for me).

So, I'm hoping this one will work. It's adorable, it's a little basement apartment, but there are windows, thank god, I could not be coped up like a bat. I would go insane. There's also a yard for Eevah to run in, which was important because that'll make my life easier. It's more expensive than we wanted but hey, beggars can't be choosers I guess? Now I'm trying to find things to decorate it with. Needless to say I am becoming more and more annoyed with Parchment for writing me out of the schedule. As in I'm infuriated. Because my money is slowly dwindling just from eating and shopping and gas and buying new windshield wipers. . I need money and I'm going to need to get a job as soon as I get up there.

On a happier note, I did just find the cutest winter jacket on sale, so guess who just got a wine colored pea coat for next year --- this girl. And I am PUMPED. But I also have realized that I have expensive taste which sucks because everything I am finding that I would want to use to decorate my apartment is SUPER expensive. For example, the shower curtain I am in love with is $50.00. Maybe I've lived in a bubble, but I think that's kinda sorta a little expensive.

Oh well. Fingers crossed I actually get this and will have a place to live. In the meantime I am going to spend my day out by the pool, not moving for anything other than a new drink. Productivity as it's finest and I am super excited. Also, Nic's coming back from Cali next Sunday and I am determined to not let him completely show me up "tan" wise. haha.

Ciao! xoxo

10 July 2011


The amount of frustration that is building inside of me concerning moving to Maryland in August (that's next month, btw) is ridiculous. I'm beginning to go insane.

Having Eevah is making moving just oh, I don't know, 98% harder than it would be if I didn't have her? I'm not at all saying I wish I didn't, because that's not true! I'm just saying that every cute affordable place I've found has a strict "NO PETS" tag added. . . caps and all. I mean, I don't know how many more emails I can send saying "she's just a seven pound miniature dachshund". They haven't worked. .

So now I'm still looking, and I found the perfect one, but buy the time I emailed it was rented. I am beyond frustrated. Sigh.

09 July 2011

What a Day

Today has possibly been one of the most interesting days I've had in a long time and I want to share it. .

It all started when I actually got to sleep in for the first time in weeks. . and by sleep in I mean I woke up at 8:30 without an alarm. I have no idea when that became "sleeping in" but hey, the early bird gets the worm right? Sure. They also are usually in bed by 11 like a grandma even though they're twenty, but moving on.

So on my way home I got Starbucks and then I had an amazing hair day -- which makes every single girl happy. My nieces 1st birthday party is tomorrow so mom and I decided to go shopping, which is where the "interesting/revelation" day truly begins. . I've decided I don't want kids for a long, long time. Because they are SO expensive. Just the stuff for them, like clothes and toys and clothes. MY GOD. Baby clothes are just as expensive as big people clothes. I could have got a bunch of cute new dresses for what I paid for dresses that Vivi is going to grow out of in oh I dunno, a few months? End rant.

But, we did find THE CUTEST reusable bags ever at Toy R Us. They're Barbie, and freaking adorable. And I think I may get them for my grocery bags. Yes, I am five.

Anyways blah blah blah. I found the cutest leash for Eevah, one of those retractable ones. . embellished with pink crystals on the outside? Yep. So I bought it and went to take her for a walk when we got home. Anddddd it was broken. It wouldn't retract back. Lovely, just lovely. So I took it back, and found another one (which wasn't there when I bought the first, lucky much?) and tested it before I exchanged. . . and that one wouldn't retract either. LOVELY. So poor Eevah didn't get her cute leash present, I actually feel kinda bad.

The funny part of the day is that mom and I tried to mow the lawn. We tried this a couple years ago, and couldn't get the lawn mower started, and my dad told us to never try again. Well we didn't listen. So, it took us literally an HOUR to start the lawn mower. . and we had to restart it four times. And it ran out of gas (that's what we're guessing) halfway through our front yard. It looks absolutely terrible, but it was the most I've laughed in quite a long time. If my neighbors were watching I am sure they were laughing so hard at how ridiculous we looked in our flip-flops and shorts and nice dress-y shirts. Whoopsy daisy.

A lot of things are harder than I thought they were. New revelation. Especially mowing lawns . . that's extra hard.

Ciao! xoxo

08 July 2011

Eevah Marie

So Nic and I decided to get a little miniature long hair dapple dachshund (I know I've already said that about three times, but let me explain). Like I think every other girl, I hate it when Nic has to go back to school and leaves me, and those random periods when we aren't able to talk. But unlike most long distance couples our solution wasn't a teddy bear, or writing letters or anything of the sort. Nope. Our solution was to get a puppy.

I had never really wanted a dachshund. I didn't get why you'd want a wiener dog, they're cute and all but they weren't on the top of my list. And then Nic kept talking about them. . and talking about them. . and talking about them, and I of course began to like them. But instead of a regular short hair typical wiener, I decided to make it girly. . and miniature. . and dapple. Haha.

After months (literally a year) of looking at puppies online while I was bored or stressed, getting close to getting a "chiweenie" over Christmas, and convincing my parents, I found Eevah. And I fell in love. . and Nic fell in love. . and my mom fell in love. And then my dad, who is the biggest animal lover was the one who said to wait. That obviously worked out real well. . haha.

So now when I get upset, sad, lonely, happy or any of the other emotions that come with lovely long term relationships I have a little furry friend to make me happy.

Also, we're getting out of the "cute baby who sleeps all the time" stage, to full "I'm a psycho" puppy stage. She has SO much energy. Which is why I decided to write about her. And a forewarning to anyone getting a puppy -- they'll steal your heart away, and drive you crazy at the same time. It's wonderful.


29 June 2011


So I found a site that sells Lilly Pulitzer fabric. . . this being said, I've now decided that I'm going to make pillows and reupholster a lamp shade for next year.  OH! And make a "USNA" sweatshirt!! Yep, it'll be cheaper to just by a cute crew-neck sweatshirt (new obsession) and cute the USNA out of the fabric and sew those suckers on. Such a sorority move. Hahah.

Anyways, these are the two fabrics that I'm torn between:

By the Sea

Pink Neckin

They're both just so gosh darn cute! Ahhhhhhh.

Summer To-Do List

I do a lot better when I have my "to-do list" actually written down where people can see it. It's motivational, kinda. So, here we go:

  • Resume blogging 
  • Make Eevah a cute dress to pick up Nic from the airport
    • Don't get killed by Nic for having Eevah in said dress
  • Learn how to make my own dresses 
    • Make a cute beach cover up
  • Plan Nic and I's beach vacation 
  • Teach Eevah tricks
  • Get a new camera  
  • Potty train Eevah 
I had more and now I can't think of them. Oh well, I'll add them later.

Ciao! xoxo

Why Hello!

Hello there. I'm Kamariah. I've given up on my Tumblr account and decided to jump on the band wagon with blogger so we shall see how this works out.

I'm really fun and easy going. I live in Disney-land aka lovely Orlando, but I'm more country than a city girl. I love my sweet tea, saying y'all and I'm happier being outside than cooped up. But then again I do love my huge Florida malls, and outlets. . . and having an abundance of choices for, well, everything. So I guess I'm just your average mix.

My other half is Nic Hajner. He's a second class (2/C, in other words Junior) at the United States Naval Academy. We've been together for about 5 1/2 years. We also have our own little love child as his friends like to say. A miniature long haired dapple dachshund named Eevah who is the cutest little bundle of craziness.

We're a fun loving little unit and this lovely blog will contain all the trials and tribulations of my moving to Maryland and starting college over, Nic's last two years and the academy and what's to come after that. Oh, and crazy Eevah stories (she's currently chaising my poor cat Mia around the house, how friendly).

Ciao. xoxox.