08 December 2014

Waimano Falls

We've decided we're going to try to do at least one fun outdoor activity each weekend while we're here. One of the things that moved us towards Hawaii were the abundance of outdoor activities. We love to spend our time outside and in nature and part of the reason we weren't in love with San Diego was simply the dead-ness of it all.

A few weekends ago we were looking for something fun and relatively quick to do because it was already midmorning when we found the Waimano Fall hike.  Not too long and easy with a wonderful waterfall waiting at the end.

The entire trail is marked with pink ribbons so you shouldn't get lost. Towards the end you will come to a fork in the trail, and if you take a second to actually look at the fork you will notice a rock with a spray painted arrow on it telling you to go left. Nic and I were deep into a conversation about a zombie apocalypse, whether I would survive without him (I'm thinking I could, unless I got surrounded and until the remaining people in the world were all terrible -- cue The Walking Dead cannibals) and how the current area we were in would be perfect for evading them.  Our talk got us distracted and while I wanted to go left, Nic lead us right and we ended up on a bunch of unmarked trails which I can now assume are hunting trails. It wasn't terrible and we ran into two other people who made the same mistake. Eventually we just took a trail and headed up stream. It was muddy as can be and added another half hour on our hiking time but it was a fun time.

For those adventurous folk there's a rope swing you can use to jump into the pool! For those who aren't into cold water and jumping off things when you don't know how deep it is, taking pictures and videos is a great thing!

30 November 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. Last year we had a wonderful little Thanksgiving with just the two of us so it was fun being able to have guests over and set out the China and crystal.

03 November 2014


Halloween was pretty uneventful in the Hajner house, but I figured it still deserved a post simply because it was such an ordeal trying to get a good picture of the girls together.

Nic and I haven't been able to spend a Halloween together since high school. It isn't a big holiday so it's not the biggest deal but it's still a bummer. I have been able to see him the last three years so it hasn't been the end of the world but I still . I just hope and pray that once we have a wee little Hajner  (this is not a hint, no baby is in the oven) he'll be able to be around for their first Halloween.

Anyways, I had my first tricker treaters as an adult and it was surprisingly odd. I didn't expect any feels from giving out candy but I think I finally realized that I'm a grown up. The next time any tricker-treating is happening will most likely be us taking our children. It's a weird feeling.

I dressed the girls up for a bit and then Stella tried to eat hotdog Eevah. I had a friend and her two dogs over, finally tried pineapple wine, and got to have some warm cider and vodka. It was a wonderful night. Hopefully everyone else had a nice mellow Halloween, or a crazy one if that's your thing.

27 October 2014

Weekly Wishes

I'm so happy to have started back on the weekly wishes bandwagon. I honestly feel like it's drawing me back into blogging, and what better way to decompress from an amazing, and too short, weekend than to sit and write with a cup of coffee? I won't lie, for some reason I woke up really anxious and stressed out this morning so I'm hoping that writing a little and then tackling my to-do list will help. You're not going to see my list in its entirety but I did just break it down into things to tackle today, and things for tomorrow. I'm hoping that will help ease these feelings away.

Enough with my stressed soul and onto a recap of my wishes from last week. I'll give you a clue and say I didn't do the best.

Last Weeks Wishes

1) File our moving claim. Nope, this one didn't get done but it's actually a good thing. We picked up Nic's motorcycle Friday afternoon to an extra $1000 being adding onto the original $3300 estimate of damage they gave us. Let's just say I'm really happy I didn't file the claim already and us have gotten stuck with that bill. I also cannot find the bolts and screws for my beach cruiser, and it's all scratched up. I treated that like my baby so to say I'm upset it an understatement.
2) Organize and set up the office. Halfway there.
3) Order photos. On my list for tomorrow!
4) Continue my running plan. I'm going to call this one a success!
5) Finish the Book Club Book. I'm closer, but not close enough. I will be speed reading it today and tomorrow in preparation for the ladies coming over Wednesday morning. This might be stressing me out just a tad.

Weekly Wishes
October 27th

1) File our moving claim. This is getting put back on the list and will be completed Wednesday afternoon. I'm going to find a beach cruiser shop to get an estimate on all of the bolts for my bike as well as the overall damage (it was an expensive freaking bike). Needless to say I'm going to be these peoples worst nightmare once this claim is in.
2) Organize. For the most part our house is set up except for my office. We want to put up the gallery wall and add a few things here and there but it's mostly done. That being said there are also little boxes of things here and there and pieces that didn't make it into the decor just sitting there. I want to have all of these moved to the storage shed before book club on Wednesday!

There are a lot of other things on my to do list, but I feel like those two are good for my weekly wishes. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

20 October 2014

Weekly Wishes

Few things offer a better way to get back into the swing of blogging like getting back involved with a favorite link up. I loved participating in weekly wishes when I was blogging a lot and felt like it not only kept me on my toes with getting my weekly goals done, but it also gave me a reason to blog every Monday.

So without further adieu here's my first set of weekly wishes since being Hawaii. Nic's on an underway all week so I've set up a lofty set of goals for myself. Hopefully I'll come back next week with them all completed.

Weekly Wishes
October 20th

1) File our moving claim. This is going to get its own blogpost in the near future, but our stuff got delivered to us with quite a few damages including Nic's motorcycle on its side in its crate and our
TV broken. I want to get our claim in ASAP so we can get the money to get a new TV in time for the Army/Navy game. We all have our priorities.
2) Organize and set up the office. We had wonderful friends stay with us two weeks ago and my office became a bit of a shamble. It is labeled as a "maids room" (how you know your house was built  pre-1920's) and it's pretty small for a regular room, but it's perfect for an office. Now that no one is visiting I can pull boxes out and unpack them one at a time.
3) Order photos. We're planning on doing a gallery wall (I'm finding it to be one of the most stressful tasks) and I need to order the photos for the frames. While it's kind of cute
4) Continue my running plan. I signed up for my first race ever with some of the other wardroom spouses. It's a Color Vibe 5k on November 11th so it's not super serious, but I also don't want to disappoint myself. So I've started my 6 weeks to running 30 minutes plan again at week three and we're doing pretty well. Except Nic's not here this week so I need to really self push and motivate myself for the first time. Hopefully it'll go well.
5) Read the Book Club book. Our book club meets on the 29th and I'm not even close to finishing the book. I need to sit down with some coffee, turn on my paperwhite and just read. The problem is Gilmore Girls is on Netflix and I've been drawn into the Gilmore Girls binge watching marathon. Ay.

20 September 2014

Official Goodbye to Florence Street

We were in it just four days short of being at our first married home (we're not counting the apartment) for a year, and I cannot believe how fast the year went.

Over a month after we've left, it's time to post our first and last picture in front of our first married home.

21 July 2014

Lake Arrowhead & Pinnacle Trailhead

Our one year anniversary kind of snuck up on us. I'm not entirely sure how this year flew by as fast as it did -- it honestly feels like our wedding day was just yesterday.  We haven't been able to have dog free time together since after our honeymoon and we wanted to go on a fun, relaxing trip for the weekend.  After mulling it over for too long (and after all of the Temecula hotels were booked due to a wine festival) Nic found Lake Arrowhead Resort and we embarked on a wonderful little trip!

While Southern California is nice, we truly miss the trees, and grass, and just everything with life.  It's a desert here and it's gotten old. We had a lake facing room at the resort and it was so wonderful to wake up Saturday morning, drink some coffee and read while listening to the birds and smelling the trees.

We decided to venture into the San Bernardino and go for hikes.  Our original plan was to try and find an unmarked hike we read about online -- it led to a spring and sounded awesome -- but even after putting the coordinates into our GPS the landmarks just weren't there.  After our second trip down a terribly windy road that had me strongly considering getting out of the car and walking the rest of the way back, we decided to go on the Pinnacle's Trailhead.

Our first attempt started at 4 pm and all we knew was it was a difficult hike and an experienced hiker had gone missing doing it and never was found (see little paper taped under the sign).  Other than that we just new to put on sunscreen and bring a lot of water. It started out wonderfully.  It was nice to get out into the wild and have a break from everyday. We got to the first peak, and were really confused on why the trail was pointing outward, but we continued on to the next peak.  At this point it was already 5:30 and the sun was setting early and there was no end in sight (we were utterly confused and honestly frustrated).  We trudged back to the car because neither of us wanted to get caught out there after sunset and decided we'd try another hike in the morning.


12 July 2014

My July Directive

I'm late on the bandwagon for posting this months directive, but, I'm a firm believer in better late than never. The beginning of this month has also been a bit stressful so sitting down to actually write down everything I need to accomplish in July just seemed like something that was going to lead to me crying.

This months "goals" are a little less static than all of the others. I literally have no choice but to do these which I think will make for a good way to jump back into blogging, and just accomplishing things.  If you caught our earlier blogpost this week you know that the California Hajners have some huge changes coming our way. When we moved out here we packed everything (including two dogs) up in a u-haul, attached my car to a tow, and drove cross country out to our new home. The first few days were quite eventful and having four living things in the front of a truck got a little stressful.

Anywho, since we can't drive our stuff to Hawaii the Navy is moving us. On one hand I'm super excited that I don't have to pack anything, on the other I'm terrified that all of our china, crystal and other things I love are going to arrive broken. Talk. About. Stressful.  Everyone says to put all your ducks in a row, take pictures of all your items, and make an inventory. Since we've known about this move for oh, 6 months, I totally have all of that done already right? l-o-l.

Things to do: 

- make an inventory of our household goods - 
- take pictures of all of our "of value" items and any damage already done to them -
- book our hotel for when we arrive - 
- continue to work out so I don't explode from keeping my stress bottled up -

Honestly, none of them are impossible, and some should even be fun. It's just actually doing them that seems to have been the problem. But seeing as time has started to run out and we have less than a month before the movers come I truly no longer have a choice but to get to work.

Kate & Trudy The 2014 Directive