28 July 2011

True Life: I'm really picky

So, I found an apartment. It's in Thurmont so it's only ten minutes away from the school. Eevah can live there, and it's all older people (lets be frank, I'd be great living in a retirement community and totes ma gotes would if I could).

It has everything I wanted. Allows doggies, close to school, rent is great, washer and dryer in the apartment, and a patio (sick).

But, now I'm being picky? My neighbors nephew lives 10 minutes away from Thurmont and went to check it out for me and sent me pictures. . and, the washer and dryer is in the kitchen? AND I CANNOT GET OVER IT.

Is that weird or am I just being weird? Actually it's a combination of both/get over it.


The end. :) Ciao! xoxoxo.

26 July 2011

Boyfriend, Apartments and Vacations -- Oh My!!

So many things have been happening within the last few days that I decided I need to post a blog update in the first bit of free time I have had in a bit (aka, while Nicy is napping).

Nicholas came home late Saturday which has been absolutely wonderful. I missed him so much and couldn't wait for him to come home. Not to mention he also knows how to make me feel better and stress less, both things which I have been needing desperately. Even though it is only Tuesday, we have been going non-stop since he got back, between dealing with families and Eevah finding any alone time other than at night has been impossible. And I have been so stressed out that night time is consisting of my head hitting the pillow and me falling asleep in two seconds -- so much for conversations.

I had posted earlier about a possible apartment. Well, the lady rented it to someone else so as of this very moment I am apartmentless for this upcoming year. Which is become extremely stressful and hard for me to handle. The only place to find lovely apartments in these god forsaken small towns in Craigslist -- which I have no problem using -- except for the fact that there are no apartments popping up that meet my criteria. My criteria being a 1 br/1ba with a kitchen and washer and dryer. Oh and allowing Eevah. And capping off at $800 a month. Sigh. STRESS-FUL.

So now I sit here, having found yet another apartment. . but this one is totaling out at $850 a month for rent, with a $30 pet fee a month, and $300 nonrefundable pet deposit. Oh, and that doesn't include any utilities so take on another $150. Oi freaking vey.  And these apartments are NOTHING like the apartments in Florida. I would like to move my friends apartment with his lovely fireplace and patio up to Maryland and then everything would be just dandy. Oh, lets also move Mount right next to USNA and the world would be complete. Sorry, I'm done with my stressed out going bonkers rant.

Nic and I are also trying to plan his vacation, and my time left before moving, where we can spend as much time with everyone. It is already getting a wee bit complicated as we need/want to do the following things in the next three weeks:
- Visit his grandparents in St.Pete for at least 2 days
- Visit cousins and Aunt and Uncle in Dunnellon for at least 2 days
- Nic and Kam cell phone less vacation away from everyone = at least two days (but I would rather this just be the whole time. How nice would it be to just be on a beach right now with a huge pina colada in your hand? mmm yummy)
- Spend time with Nic's family
- Spend time with Kam's family
- Family vacation with the Hajner's = Friday-Monday
- Family vacation with the Rebarchak's = ?

Along with shopping, packing, relaxing, and finding somewhere to live. OI VEY!

Someone find me some sanity, and a big glass of "you can do this" wine.

Ciao!! xoxoxo

21 July 2011

"Those Days"

I'm having one of "those days". You know, the days where you're really kind of just sad? I'm having one of those darn days. And I don't exactly get why.

I'm trying out the whole "living on my own thing" the next few days because my parents are out of town. And it's lovely and all, but this is going to suck so much because at this very moment I am bored and sad and relatively lonely (part of this is because I had plans and they died). So, sigh, oi vey.

I wish Nic was home, and I was 100 bazillion percent sure about moving to Maryland, and not feeling like such a baby about living on my own.

The End. 

16 July 2011

Here's to Hoping

I think I may have found an apartment. . keyword in that statement is "may". It's 25 minutes away from Mount St.Mary's which kind of stinks but I've honestly given up trying to live close. There isn't any housing close to the school because the school is in the middle of no where and no one is renting anything that even resembles a 1br (I'm not going to rent a 3br townhouse just for me).

So, I'm hoping this one will work. It's adorable, it's a little basement apartment, but there are windows, thank god, I could not be coped up like a bat. I would go insane. There's also a yard for Eevah to run in, which was important because that'll make my life easier. It's more expensive than we wanted but hey, beggars can't be choosers I guess? Now I'm trying to find things to decorate it with. Needless to say I am becoming more and more annoyed with Parchment for writing me out of the schedule. As in I'm infuriated. Because my money is slowly dwindling just from eating and shopping and gas and buying new windshield wipers. . I need money and I'm going to need to get a job as soon as I get up there.

On a happier note, I did just find the cutest winter jacket on sale, so guess who just got a wine colored pea coat for next year --- this girl. And I am PUMPED. But I also have realized that I have expensive taste which sucks because everything I am finding that I would want to use to decorate my apartment is SUPER expensive. For example, the shower curtain I am in love with is $50.00. Maybe I've lived in a bubble, but I think that's kinda sorta a little expensive.

Oh well. Fingers crossed I actually get this and will have a place to live. In the meantime I am going to spend my day out by the pool, not moving for anything other than a new drink. Productivity as it's finest and I am super excited. Also, Nic's coming back from Cali next Sunday and I am determined to not let him completely show me up "tan" wise. haha.

Ciao! xoxo

10 July 2011


The amount of frustration that is building inside of me concerning moving to Maryland in August (that's next month, btw) is ridiculous. I'm beginning to go insane.

Having Eevah is making moving just oh, I don't know, 98% harder than it would be if I didn't have her? I'm not at all saying I wish I didn't, because that's not true! I'm just saying that every cute affordable place I've found has a strict "NO PETS" tag added. . . caps and all. I mean, I don't know how many more emails I can send saying "she's just a seven pound miniature dachshund". They haven't worked. .

So now I'm still looking, and I found the perfect one, but buy the time I emailed it was rented. I am beyond frustrated. Sigh.

09 July 2011

What a Day

Today has possibly been one of the most interesting days I've had in a long time and I want to share it. .

It all started when I actually got to sleep in for the first time in weeks. . and by sleep in I mean I woke up at 8:30 without an alarm. I have no idea when that became "sleeping in" but hey, the early bird gets the worm right? Sure. They also are usually in bed by 11 like a grandma even though they're twenty, but moving on.

So on my way home I got Starbucks and then I had an amazing hair day -- which makes every single girl happy. My nieces 1st birthday party is tomorrow so mom and I decided to go shopping, which is where the "interesting/revelation" day truly begins. . I've decided I don't want kids for a long, long time. Because they are SO expensive. Just the stuff for them, like clothes and toys and clothes. MY GOD. Baby clothes are just as expensive as big people clothes. I could have got a bunch of cute new dresses for what I paid for dresses that Vivi is going to grow out of in oh I dunno, a few months? End rant.

But, we did find THE CUTEST reusable bags ever at Toy R Us. They're Barbie, and freaking adorable. And I think I may get them for my grocery bags. Yes, I am five.

Anyways blah blah blah. I found the cutest leash for Eevah, one of those retractable ones. . embellished with pink crystals on the outside? Yep. So I bought it and went to take her for a walk when we got home. Anddddd it was broken. It wouldn't retract back. Lovely, just lovely. So I took it back, and found another one (which wasn't there when I bought the first, lucky much?) and tested it before I exchanged. . . and that one wouldn't retract either. LOVELY. So poor Eevah didn't get her cute leash present, I actually feel kinda bad.

The funny part of the day is that mom and I tried to mow the lawn. We tried this a couple years ago, and couldn't get the lawn mower started, and my dad told us to never try again. Well we didn't listen. So, it took us literally an HOUR to start the lawn mower. . and we had to restart it four times. And it ran out of gas (that's what we're guessing) halfway through our front yard. It looks absolutely terrible, but it was the most I've laughed in quite a long time. If my neighbors were watching I am sure they were laughing so hard at how ridiculous we looked in our flip-flops and shorts and nice dress-y shirts. Whoopsy daisy.

A lot of things are harder than I thought they were. New revelation. Especially mowing lawns . . that's extra hard.

Ciao! xoxo

08 July 2011

Eevah Marie

So Nic and I decided to get a little miniature long hair dapple dachshund (I know I've already said that about three times, but let me explain). Like I think every other girl, I hate it when Nic has to go back to school and leaves me, and those random periods when we aren't able to talk. But unlike most long distance couples our solution wasn't a teddy bear, or writing letters or anything of the sort. Nope. Our solution was to get a puppy.

I had never really wanted a dachshund. I didn't get why you'd want a wiener dog, they're cute and all but they weren't on the top of my list. And then Nic kept talking about them. . and talking about them. . and talking about them, and I of course began to like them. But instead of a regular short hair typical wiener, I decided to make it girly. . and miniature. . and dapple. Haha.

After months (literally a year) of looking at puppies online while I was bored or stressed, getting close to getting a "chiweenie" over Christmas, and convincing my parents, I found Eevah. And I fell in love. . and Nic fell in love. . and my mom fell in love. And then my dad, who is the biggest animal lover was the one who said to wait. That obviously worked out real well. . haha.

So now when I get upset, sad, lonely, happy or any of the other emotions that come with lovely long term relationships I have a little furry friend to make me happy.

Also, we're getting out of the "cute baby who sleeps all the time" stage, to full "I'm a psycho" puppy stage. She has SO much energy. Which is why I decided to write about her. And a forewarning to anyone getting a puppy -- they'll steal your heart away, and drive you crazy at the same time. It's wonderful.