09 July 2011

What a Day

Today has possibly been one of the most interesting days I've had in a long time and I want to share it. .

It all started when I actually got to sleep in for the first time in weeks. . and by sleep in I mean I woke up at 8:30 without an alarm. I have no idea when that became "sleeping in" but hey, the early bird gets the worm right? Sure. They also are usually in bed by 11 like a grandma even though they're twenty, but moving on.

So on my way home I got Starbucks and then I had an amazing hair day -- which makes every single girl happy. My nieces 1st birthday party is tomorrow so mom and I decided to go shopping, which is where the "interesting/revelation" day truly begins. . I've decided I don't want kids for a long, long time. Because they are SO expensive. Just the stuff for them, like clothes and toys and clothes. MY GOD. Baby clothes are just as expensive as big people clothes. I could have got a bunch of cute new dresses for what I paid for dresses that Vivi is going to grow out of in oh I dunno, a few months? End rant.

But, we did find THE CUTEST reusable bags ever at Toy R Us. They're Barbie, and freaking adorable. And I think I may get them for my grocery bags. Yes, I am five.

Anyways blah blah blah. I found the cutest leash for Eevah, one of those retractable ones. . embellished with pink crystals on the outside? Yep. So I bought it and went to take her for a walk when we got home. Anddddd it was broken. It wouldn't retract back. Lovely, just lovely. So I took it back, and found another one (which wasn't there when I bought the first, lucky much?) and tested it before I exchanged. . . and that one wouldn't retract either. LOVELY. So poor Eevah didn't get her cute leash present, I actually feel kinda bad.

The funny part of the day is that mom and I tried to mow the lawn. We tried this a couple years ago, and couldn't get the lawn mower started, and my dad told us to never try again. Well we didn't listen. So, it took us literally an HOUR to start the lawn mower. . and we had to restart it four times. And it ran out of gas (that's what we're guessing) halfway through our front yard. It looks absolutely terrible, but it was the most I've laughed in quite a long time. If my neighbors were watching I am sure they were laughing so hard at how ridiculous we looked in our flip-flops and shorts and nice dress-y shirts. Whoopsy daisy.

A lot of things are harder than I thought they were. New revelation. Especially mowing lawns . . that's extra hard.

Ciao! xoxo

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