08 December 2014

Waimano Falls

We've decided we're going to try to do at least one fun outdoor activity each weekend while we're here. One of the things that moved us towards Hawaii were the abundance of outdoor activities. We love to spend our time outside and in nature and part of the reason we weren't in love with San Diego was simply the dead-ness of it all.

A few weekends ago we were looking for something fun and relatively quick to do because it was already midmorning when we found the Waimano Fall hike.  Not too long and easy with a wonderful waterfall waiting at the end.

The entire trail is marked with pink ribbons so you shouldn't get lost. Towards the end you will come to a fork in the trail, and if you take a second to actually look at the fork you will notice a rock with a spray painted arrow on it telling you to go left. Nic and I were deep into a conversation about a zombie apocalypse, whether I would survive without him (I'm thinking I could, unless I got surrounded and until the remaining people in the world were all terrible -- cue The Walking Dead cannibals) and how the current area we were in would be perfect for evading them.  Our talk got us distracted and while I wanted to go left, Nic lead us right and we ended up on a bunch of unmarked trails which I can now assume are hunting trails. It wasn't terrible and we ran into two other people who made the same mistake. Eventually we just took a trail and headed up stream. It was muddy as can be and added another half hour on our hiking time but it was a fun time.

For those adventurous folk there's a rope swing you can use to jump into the pool! For those who aren't into cold water and jumping off things when you don't know how deep it is, taking pictures and videos is a great thing!