19 September 2011

First Visit of The Year

This past weekend marked my first visit to Annapolis for the year. Usually I go up for Labor Day weekend, but since I thought I would be living up there that fell through. . but anyways, it was fabulous and full of a bunch of good food!!

Nic's new ability to have Friday nights off as well made it seem like a long weekend so we were both quite content (makes me super excited for an actual long weekend. . three nights of cuddling? oh heck yes!). But back to the recap. I let Nic take over the plans for the weekend once we got there because he seemed to have quite a few surprises up his sleeve. It was actually quite adorable. One of his friends new girlfriend flew into BWI five minutes later than I did on Friday which made a perfect timing situation for a double date. Nic took us all to The Abbey which is this fantastic burger place in Baltimore, Nic actually got a peanut butter burger which sounds atrocious but don't knock until you've tried it. I hate to admit it but it was really good.  I've realized I would never ever want to live in Baltimore (except this one street we drove by which was absolutely GORGEOUS) because as a whole it seems rather scary. .

Saturday was spent with my first experience of the PA Dutch Amish Market. It's also absolutely amazing. I thought Nic was crazy when he tells me the stories of how him and his roommates make bets on just eating two pancakes and an egg sandwich, but now it all makes complete and total sense. While the pancakes are huge, it's more the fact that they are SO filling. I had one pancake and bacon and couldn't even finish the last three bites of my pancake, or the bacon, but it was so incredible. Yum. Afterwords Nic surprised me by taking me to the jewelry store Zacharies where he had me help him pick out the stone for his class ring. It was so special that he wanted me there to help him pick out something that is going to be so meaningful to him for the rest of his life. We decided on a gorgeous diamond cluster antique style ring, with a spectacular sapphire. I'm obsessed. We also got to look at sparklies for me, and I fell in love with one thing in particular, but that's for later discussion. ;)

In case you ever get into this situation don't try opening a wine bottle without a wine bottle opener unless you're a de-corker wizard. . A word to the wise, just don't be lazy and go out into the cold air and get an opener. A car key won't work and your pizza will get cold while you're trying.

Sunday was also another surprise day. Over Valentine's weekend last year we found this restaurant called The Wild Orchid. It's a cute little restaurant out of the way that is decorated in, well, orchids and it's just so presh. On Sundays they have a brunch with complimentary mimosas, un-id-carding waitors, and delicious food. I had been wanting to go again but decided not to say anything and let Nic do his thing. Low and behold he surprised me by taking me there and I was able to have the Crab and Spinach souffle which is just to die for, I totally recommend it! And my mimosa. Yum!!

We then ran into his friend at Starbucks, had a little chat, and proceeded to the Maryland Zoo. I have a ridiculous love/hate relationships with zoos. I love looking at the animals and just going to them and then once I'm there I hate how cruel it is that these poor babies have to live in such tiny enclosures their whole life. . . Nevertheless we had a great trip. Here are my two favorite pictures:

Cutest little penguin that just sat there

I loved Nic taking charge and planning the weekend. While it sadly meant I didn't get to catch up with any of the girlfriends like I had planned :( I still have parents weekend in October and goodness knows I am going to need a sanity break during those three days. .

Now that I'm back home I want nothing more than to go back. I know I should be grateful that I even got to visit, but lets be honest, I would much rather be living there and I'd be much happier if I was. Oh well.

Ciao! Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend! xoxox

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