26 July 2011

Boyfriend, Apartments and Vacations -- Oh My!!

So many things have been happening within the last few days that I decided I need to post a blog update in the first bit of free time I have had in a bit (aka, while Nicy is napping).

Nicholas came home late Saturday which has been absolutely wonderful. I missed him so much and couldn't wait for him to come home. Not to mention he also knows how to make me feel better and stress less, both things which I have been needing desperately. Even though it is only Tuesday, we have been going non-stop since he got back, between dealing with families and Eevah finding any alone time other than at night has been impossible. And I have been so stressed out that night time is consisting of my head hitting the pillow and me falling asleep in two seconds -- so much for conversations.

I had posted earlier about a possible apartment. Well, the lady rented it to someone else so as of this very moment I am apartmentless for this upcoming year. Which is become extremely stressful and hard for me to handle. The only place to find lovely apartments in these god forsaken small towns in Craigslist -- which I have no problem using -- except for the fact that there are no apartments popping up that meet my criteria. My criteria being a 1 br/1ba with a kitchen and washer and dryer. Oh and allowing Eevah. And capping off at $800 a month. Sigh. STRESS-FUL.

So now I sit here, having found yet another apartment. . but this one is totaling out at $850 a month for rent, with a $30 pet fee a month, and $300 nonrefundable pet deposit. Oh, and that doesn't include any utilities so take on another $150. Oi freaking vey.  And these apartments are NOTHING like the apartments in Florida. I would like to move my friends apartment with his lovely fireplace and patio up to Maryland and then everything would be just dandy. Oh, lets also move Mount right next to USNA and the world would be complete. Sorry, I'm done with my stressed out going bonkers rant.

Nic and I are also trying to plan his vacation, and my time left before moving, where we can spend as much time with everyone. It is already getting a wee bit complicated as we need/want to do the following things in the next three weeks:
- Visit his grandparents in St.Pete for at least 2 days
- Visit cousins and Aunt and Uncle in Dunnellon for at least 2 days
- Nic and Kam cell phone less vacation away from everyone = at least two days (but I would rather this just be the whole time. How nice would it be to just be on a beach right now with a huge pina colada in your hand? mmm yummy)
- Spend time with Nic's family
- Spend time with Kam's family
- Family vacation with the Hajner's = Friday-Monday
- Family vacation with the Rebarchak's = ?

Along with shopping, packing, relaxing, and finding somewhere to live. OI VEY!

Someone find me some sanity, and a big glass of "you can do this" wine.

Ciao!! xoxoxo

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