14 December 2012

Christmas-time in the Apartment

While this doesn't exactly count as our "first" Christmas together because we're drove home on the twentieth. .  it's the first time that one of us has our own place to decorate.  Being college students, wedding planning, and without really good paying jobs. . we had a little wiggle room when it came to decorating funds. I did however manage to "borrow" a few awesome vintage pieces from my grandmothers house during the summer and they blend in quite perfectly if I do say so myself!

We also we out and bought our first Christmas tree! I had finals until the 19th which means we spent most of December in our little abode and there was therefore no reason not to have a tree. Getting it into Nic's mustang was a little bit of an ordeal but we (he) managed to fit it in. I even muttered my mom's favorite words of "how hard can it be?" and made my very own wreath from the branches that were trimmed off of our little guy. It's a bit quirky but I did it all by myself and I am darn proud! 

I'm really proud of how home-y the apartment feels. I'll admit that I was a little weary of this holiday season because of how off last years was but it's looking like it's going to be just magical.

I hope your decorating is going well and you're in the Christmas spirit! 

Ciao love bugs. xoxo

10 December 2012

Army Navy

Finally, a blog post about America's game! I've been planning this post for a while now, I just needed the pictures to go with it and I finally have them!

Army/Navy was held in Philadelphia this year and Nic's family invited me to come with them. The Hajner's flew in Friday morning and came over to our little abode for dinner Friday night. I wish I would have thought of taking pictures because we rarely have people over for a nice sit down dinner. Our apartment really felt like a home -- Christmas decorations and all!

Leaving at six thirty Saturday morning we barely got Nic there on time before heading over to Vicki and Ian's families fabulous tailgate. I experienced my first Bloody Mary (holy spicy) and will officially stick to mimosas from now on. Ay.

It was wonderful to see my friends and spend some quality time with the future in laws ::pause for dramatic effect, yes, in-laws:: In what I feel like is typical Navy football, it came down to the last quarter of the game and a fumble from Army left us winning for the eleventh year. A perfect end to a super fun football season!

Sunday was a dreary day but we ventured into Philly so they could all get a cheesesteak. I will say my hot cocoa breakfast was just delicious. ;) Oh the life of a gluten free individual. Some men were selling trees on a street corner and they did what I only thought happened on tv shows for dramatic effect and made a fire in a trash can. Of course we needed a picture, and I just wanted to get toasty by the fire!

I'm glad Navy continued their winning streak I'm more thankful for such a fabulous weekend. Good luck to everyone dealing with finals this week. Towson doesn't believe in reading days -- lame.

Ciao. xoxoxo

02 December 2012

Awkward & Awesome

A fun way to catch up with what has been going on these past few weeks during my blogging hiatus. I'm going to try to make these posts a monthly occurrence because lets face it, I'm a terribly awkward individual so there's bound to be some good stuff. 
You know how you always joke with people and say they're going to get pneumonia unless the dress warmer? Ya, well, I was that person who actually got pneumonia and ended up in the hospital for five days. Whoops? 

A mouse. Was in my house. And I had a meltdown. I then preceded to tell the office that the only mice I have ever had encounters with were in Petsmart. . But at least it was dead, I would have never been able to kill a live one. We would have just passed our hellos and then I would have been in my car on the way home. It did still take me twenty minutes to get that stupid little carcass on a spoon to put it in the trash. My apartment people at least have something to keep them laughing all month.

I've been fortunate enough to never have to take ice off of my windshield before. The few cold days that even happened at home my daddy took care of it. Needless to say, my excitement over an icey car died when I got in it and the windshield wiper wasn't taking it off. I had to call my dad so he could tell me what to do. .

Nic's eyebrows were shaved off on Wednesday due to his service selection at the Academy. So now my fiancé has no hair and eyebrows for the next few months. I'm trying not to think of how dirty he's going to look once his eyebrows start coming in. . Awk-freaking-ward.

I love pictures where both the girl and guy have this serious/fierce/so in love look so I naturally wanted to capture that during our engagement session. Well, I'm. Not. A. Serious. Person. and that really showed when we got back a few pictures where our immediate reaction was to burst out loud laughing. I'm a smiler and that lesson has officially been learned.
Minus the whole eyebrowless-ness, Nic getting his first choice during service selection is awesome and I am so incredibly proud of him. This also means we're officially moving to California at some point next summer or fall!

I finally finished my craft and have almost finished asking all of my bridesmaids. The wedding is starting to actually feel real and I am getting so giddy excited! Eek!

My apartment is starting to feel the Christmas cheer which is in turn making me oh so happy.

I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my entire family, go to my nephew's fourth birthday party and we were able to take our engagement photos before Nic's eyebrows disappeared. It was an extremely successful break and leaves me thinking Christmas should be just as good.

Not too terribly exciting, but you get the gist of what has been going on as of late.

Ciao love bugs! xoxo