15 August 2015

Care Packages

One of the things that makes deployment go by quicker are care packages. I enjoy putting them together and I know Nic is happy once they actually make it to the ship.  While I can't control how long it takes to get there -- and right now my latest box is taking an eternity -- I can amuse myself while I put it together.

I have a few friends who have put themed boxes, others who throw stuff in a box, and some who just do whatever feels best that day.  Spending an evening with some wine and my craft supplies is one of my happy places, so I do whatever I can do.

My latest box made me super happy and gave me a great chuckle while I was creating it. I find the idea on a quick Google and changed a few parts of it to better fit us and my patience.  My mom gifted me with a Cricut for Christmas and I've finally put it to good use. If you're interested in making a similar box, the font style I used is the Cricut Craft Room Basic font, and the fish are Create a Critter - 20.

The first few boxes deserve a few shout outs too. I sent Nic off with an Easter "basket". And somehow Nic didn't think of bringing cold weather clothes with him when he left so his first two boxes were full of winter clothes. I'm unbelievably grateful that my husband understands and appreciates a box with a Bring It On quote on it.  His birthday box had blown up balloons in it, but I forgot to take a picture once they were blown up.  That one came straight from Pinterest. They've gotten better as time goes on, now just to think what the next one will be!

13 August 2015

Wiliwilinui Hike

As I've been cleaning out my drafts I realized I never posted about our time hiking the Wiliwilinui Trail. We did this a few months back before Nic left and I have to say it's one of my favorites. It's a decent length. I loved the swing and views. A large portion of the hike are stairs, and I will fully admit my legs were beat after. 

The hike is in a neighborhood right before you reach Hawaii Kai. Yelp gives decent directions to it. I would advise getting there relatively early, or later, or just going on the week. There are limited parking passes given at the gate shack to individuals doing the hike. As always, carpooling is a wonderful! 

We'll be going back on this hike once Nic gets back and hopefully a time or two before then with some friends. 

12 August 2015


We love kangaroos!  All we wanted to do while we were in Australia was see a koala and a kangaroo. Maybe hold a koala and pet or feed a kangaroo.  On Saturday I was able to see a wild kangaroo while at a ship hail and farewell. I was enjoying my pear cider and staring at the beautiful scenery when I see a critter bouncing along with a some alpacas. Mind you the fact that there were alpacas was weird enough. . but it definitely took a few seconds to realize that I was seeing a kangaroo. The next day we ventured to the park and I was smitten.

Caversham Wildlife Park sadly didn't let us hold a koala, but we were able to meander with and feed the kangaroos which was a decent trade off. Once we got there we could have spent hours in the kangaroo enclosure. They were such lackadaisical critters that I just couldn't help but fall in love with them. They also loved to cuddle with one another.  We came across a few groups where the lackadaisical critters were all just snuggled on one another.

I apologize for how picture heavy this post is, they were just adorable!