Bucket List

There are so many things I want to do before I die, and to try and keep them all in one organized place, I've made a bucket list. I recommend everyone make one, it's fun to see on paper all of the big, and small, adventures you want to go on in your life, and to see them slowly get crossed off.
  1. Make creme brulee
  2. Go for a long run on the beach 
  3. Have a house with a white picket fence
  4. Positively effect someone's life
  5. Have two kids (well have a boy and a girl, whether that's two or more isn't my call)
  6. Visit Ireland
  7. Visit Bora Bora
  8. Visit Bali 
  9. Visit Cuba 
  10. Visit Greece
  11. Visit Alaska 
  12. Visit Jamaica
  13. Visit Hawaii (moved to Oahu August 2014)
  14. Visit Spain
  15. Visit Australia (Port call to Fremantle/Perth, June 2015)
  16. Run in a 5K and finish respectfully 
  17. Run a 10K (Ford Island 10k, April 2015)
  18. Run a 15K
  19. Run a half marathon (Hibiscus Half, May 2015)
  20. Run a marathon 
  21. Cross stitch a quilt
  22. Finish a cross stitching project
  23. Paint an oil painting 
  24. Do karaoke 
  25. Successfully do the Duval Crawl in Key West
  26. Have a wine weekend in Napa Valley 
  27. Come up with a perfect gluten free cookbook of fabulous desserts
  28. Make a snowman
  29. Sew a dress
  30. Ski!
  31. Horseback ride on a beach
  32. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef 
  33. Skinny dip in the ocean 
  34. Live in a cottage
  35. Own a pink beach cruiser (thanks to my fabulous husband when we moved to Cali 09/13)
  36. Live on the beach 
  37. Have a cabin
  38. See a bear in the wild 
  39. "Own" a star
  40. Get a massage on a secluded beach  
  41. Go to the circus
  42. Cut down my own Christmas tree (Our first married Christmas, 2013)
  43. Have floor tickets to a basketball game
  44. Sit in the front row at a concert
  45. See the Northern Lights 
  46. Have a tulip garden
  47. Have a nice garden with a fence around it
  48. Be in a hot tub during a snow fall  (during our time in a cabin December 2011)
  49. Have an MRI (in the full tube not the half one, yes it's weird but whatever)
  50. Swim with sea turtles (for the first time, Electric Beach, March 2015)
  51. Scuba dive (became open water certified, March 21, 2015)
  52. Jump off a cliff into the ocean
  53. Cave dive
  54. Go to a hot spring (Costa Rica 2010)
  55. Get engaged (September 15, 2012)
  56. Get married (June 1, 2013)
  57. Ride a motorcycle (moped Costa Rica 2010 and actual motorcycle April 2014)
  58. Crowd surf
  59. Get a hot stone massage (Christmas 2012)
  60. Go on a cross country road-trip 
  61. Go to Army/Navy
  62. See lava (August 2016)
  63. Be on/see The Price Is Right
  64. Go to a Renaissance Fair
  65. Paint a wall exactly how I want to
  66. Have a hanging flower basket (or five) 
  67. Write a book 
  68. Be truly educated in wine 
  69. Go to New Orleans
  70. Hold a koala
  71. Open my own Printshop
  72. Swim in a lagoon
  73. Swim in tide pools (Makapu'u Tide Pools July 2015)
  74. Sit in the front row at a baseball game
  75. Go streaking 
  76. Feed a giraffe
  77. Pick apples 
  78. Go snowshoeing 
  79. See a whale (whale watching, 01/14)
  80. Have a Starbucks Gold card with my name and everything (technically, 7/13, but it arrived 1/14)
  81. Put a padlock on the Lovers Bridge in Paris with Nic
  82. Learn how to use my camera on manual

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  1. How about establishing a directive budget and living up to it.