03 August 2011

Interesting Day

Holy cow.

So today has been an interesting day meaning I've been doing absolutely nothing but I've enjoyed it. I downloaded two new books for my reader "The Geography of Bliss" and "The Help", took a too long nap, lost my phone, and now, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what camera I want, and finding absolutely ridiculously amazing recipes for my little recipe book and watching NCIS. (Side note: I've decided to put together a little binder full of recipes that I find in various places. It doesn't have pictures, but I don't mind because it's the best compilation of recipes EVER). So anyways.

I did just find a recipe for "overnight banana's foster". This is really exciting because whenever I would visit Annapolis Nic and I would stay at the Double Tree, and typically Nicy would get Banana's Foster the next day. Well, needless to say I am so excited that now whenever he comes over and stays the night he can still have his banana's foster in the morning -- except mine is going to be so much better. ;)

Have I mentioned that I have found a ridiculous large amount of recipes? I'm in love with this site: http://www.skinnytaste.com/ The recipes are healthy, but delicious, and if anyone does weight watchers (I could never understand the concept and am too lazy to actually count. . ) she breaks it all down into their appropriate points. How cool! Anyways, she has these healthy chicken nuggies recipe posted, and I really wanna make them. Right now. Yummy. Also, there's a shrimp salad on cucumber slices recipe, which I want to make as well. Yums.

I'm done for now.

Ciao! xoxox

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