22 April 2014

Birthday Candles

I'm not going to sit here and be one of those people who say they don't like their birthday. I do. I love my birthday except for the fact that I'm getting older and it's actually kind of awkward. I'm not longer a teenager, or just barely legal to drink, but I'm also not old enough for it to be acceptable to go to bed at 9.  I'll figure it out eventually.

Yesterday was a wonderful day and I figured I'd celebrate turning 23 by finally posting about Stella and Eevah's birthdays! This past March Stella finally turned one, and Eevah turned three in December (but we've always celebrated her birthday then we got her in March).  We haven't been the best doggy parents when it comes to celebrating Eevah's birthday so we decided to make sure they had a good little "party" this year.  The hats and candles were Nic's idea and the cutest thing ever.

Getting a picture of Eevah in her birthday hat wasn't easy at all, but Stella was all about posing.

Here's to all of us getting one year older! 

^ This has to be my all time favorite picture of Stella, ever

18 April 2014

Eight Years

our first picture and favorite picture 

It's hard to think that Nic and I have been dating for over eight years (and now we're married, ahh). I still break out in a giddy smile when someone says Mrs.Hajner and they're talking to me.  While out with friends a few weeks ago we got to talking about how we first started dating. I had the biggest crush on Nic from the first day of freshman year. Totally cliche but when he walked in. .
oh my goodness. But he had his own schedule and didn't want anything to do with me until I gave up. . in March. A few extremely long conversations on AIM, him putting me number one on his MySpace top 8 (I know right, so legit) and a day at the beach later and we began dating. Even though it's not our "real" anniversary anymore,  March 15th with always hold a very special place in our heart!

Here are a few pictures of us throughout the years. Get prepared for a trip down memory lane!

Eight years later:

16 April 2014


I love the color yellow. It's such a happy color that just makes me want to go outside and have a picnic. And when a friend on Facebook shares something with a yellow banner, I naturally take notice.

For as many negative articles that are out there, I'm beginning to see that there are also a decent amount of positive ones. While this isn't an article it is something that is really trying to make us all celebrate the happiness in our lives. I know life can get frustrating but there's always something happy around you, we just have to take time to notice those little things.

So I challenge all of you, my blogging and real friends, to join the 100 Happy Days project with me. It's not hard, and not even time consuming. All you do is take a picture and post it somewhere, or you can write down one thing that made you happy each day, it doesn't need to be a picture! You can even email it directly to them if you're not into instagram. I'll personally be taking to my instagram using the #100happydays hashtag. I'm starting today and would love for you to do it with me!

I'd love to follow along with any of you who are participating!

12 April 2014

April Directive

I'm back!! A much needed trip home to see my family and my best friend coming back with me left the blog on the back burner on a very low simmer. I thought the best way to come back would be with my April Directive! I cannot say enough how much I love being a part of the 2014 Directive. Making monthly goals has been such a fun way to tackle tasks this year and has actually kept me on track a lot more than my regular new year resolution.

My March Directive was to get out of my "cushy" lifestyle and try something different! Nic was particularly excited about this month seeing as he came up with it! My trip home got extended and then my best friend Heather decided to fly back with me, and before I knew it March was over and I still didn't really do anything too exciting. BUT this past Sunday Nic finally convinced me to get on the back of his motorcycle and it was amazing!

My April directive is less wild and crazy and more about getting back on track. I have a few blogposts that have been sitting as drafts for more than a month and they need to get out. I also have a bunch of things that have been going on and that I want to share but they haven't made it out yet. I'm going to aim to publish 6 good posts the rest of the month.

As April is also my birthday month I also really want to continue to take care of myself.  My trip home threw me off my running bandwagon but that doesn't mean I can't get back on. Not only does it help make me feel better but the dogs also really love it. I've also started to keep my nails painted again. It sounds so trivial but it really does brighten my mood and make me feel more pulled together when my nails look good.

Here's to getting back on track.

Kate & Trudy The 2014 Directive