23 August 2011

Blessing in Disguise

I´ve decided nursing schools are complicated little buggers that thoroughly enjoy confusing me. That being said, and as I´m sure most/a lot of you know, I'm no longer going to Mount. They came back with an absolutely atrocious financial aid package which had me taking out $22,000 in loans a YEAR and that's all before nursing school. . no thank you. After 5 days of being completely depressed and an absolute joy to be around, lol, I am back up on my feet making chocolate chip cookies and figuring my life out. I thank a relaxing day of internal reflecting at the beach and my mom refusing to allow me to stay in a funk. And Katie and Vicki for dealing with my constant melt downs. ;3, that´s meant to be a heart but my keyboard´s all funky haha.

So now I´m perusing various nursing schools throughout the country and have discovered I have choices and have narrowed my them down to three.

1. Anne Arundel Community College in Annapolis. I´d have to start in the fall, which would have me graduating in December 2013, when Nic has most likely left Annapolis already. Major con.
2. Florida Hospital in Orlando. It´s a good program, I´d start in the summer and also graduate in December 2013 as it´s a longer program.
3. Harford Community College in Bel Air, Maryland. I could start in the summer and do their accelerated program which would have me doing my clinical´s on the weekends, which I really don´t think I´d mind so much. I´d be done August 2013. And it´s an hour away from Nic. Hmmmm.

I´m going to apply to all three and see what happens. I can´t exactly complain about any as long as I get my nursing degree, but we all know where I´m routing for haha.

The moral of this story is that everything happens for a reason. Even though I had my heart set on Mount and moving and had a cute apartment picked out, after thinking about it I think it´s okay this happened. I do better at smaller schools, I did a lot better at Valencia than Rollins specifically because there wasn´t really a party scene at a community college, and I was able to find my own niche. So now I´m just going to sit here eating my cookies and watching Robin Hood realizing this was a huge blessing in disguise.

Ciao! xoxox

PS Does anyone know how to change your keyboard off of the spanish setting, I think it´s under it because none of my lovely dodads like question marks or anything are coming out normal, but all funky. Like here´s what my colon looks like Ñ. lol. Helppp.

16 August 2011

Hi, I'm a home body who's moving to Maryland

I think I have been very niave this entire time about just exactly what moving to Maryland means and entails.

I have a close group of friends in Orlando that I adore to death. I've lived here the majority of my life -- it's my home. I know when to avoid going places because of traffic, the short cuts, cheaper stores, everything. And I'm leaving it all behind. I somehow didn't think I'd sit here and cry about leaving because this has been my sole decision the entire time. . I mean I've had input from everyone I care about but in the end, and for the first time in a long time, I made the decision solely based upon what is better for my future. Not my family, not my friends, not even Nic and I - just me. And this is why I'm moving because I finally need to spread my wings and discover who I am, not who I am with other people.

So that sounds all dandy, I have the right reason for moving, so that has made things easier. Until I went out for happy hour with my good friends to say goodbye last night and realized I won't be doing this for a couple of months. And they won't be only a half an hour drive away, but two and a half hour plane trip home. . . and then the water works started, and they haven't stop since. I've been able to say goodbye to most of my friends (except my best friend who is always ridiculously busy) so at least I'm almost done. But yet all I want to do is jump in my car and go over to my friends house and sit and cry on his couch and refuse to leave, because the truth is that I don't want to start over. I don't want to go to a town that I know nothing about and live in an apartment all by myself. I'm scared, and it scares me that I'm scared.

Sigh. The moral of this story is that we're not emotionless -- well I'm definitely not. I didn't think moving was going to be hard because I didn't really understand that mom isn't going to be able to be there in two seconds if I have a fever. . Don't get me wrong, starting new is exciting but until I get on the road it's more depressing than anything. . . and I honestly don't know how I could deal with this every four years in the future. . and that also scares me shitless. Oi vey.

Ciao. xoxox

03 August 2011

Interesting Day

Holy cow.

So today has been an interesting day meaning I've been doing absolutely nothing but I've enjoyed it. I downloaded two new books for my reader "The Geography of Bliss" and "The Help", took a too long nap, lost my phone, and now, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what camera I want, and finding absolutely ridiculously amazing recipes for my little recipe book and watching NCIS. (Side note: I've decided to put together a little binder full of recipes that I find in various places. It doesn't have pictures, but I don't mind because it's the best compilation of recipes EVER). So anyways.

I did just find a recipe for "overnight banana's foster". This is really exciting because whenever I would visit Annapolis Nic and I would stay at the Double Tree, and typically Nicy would get Banana's Foster the next day. Well, needless to say I am so excited that now whenever he comes over and stays the night he can still have his banana's foster in the morning -- except mine is going to be so much better. ;)

Have I mentioned that I have found a ridiculous large amount of recipes? I'm in love with this site: http://www.skinnytaste.com/ The recipes are healthy, but delicious, and if anyone does weight watchers (I could never understand the concept and am too lazy to actually count. . ) she breaks it all down into their appropriate points. How cool! Anyways, she has these healthy chicken nuggies recipe posted, and I really wanna make them. Right now. Yummy. Also, there's a shrimp salad on cucumber slices recipe, which I want to make as well. Yums.

I'm done for now.

Ciao! xoxox