09 September 2011


I've been sitting here for two hours trying to convince myself to work on my micro study guide and not crawl into my bed under all of my comfy blankets and put on a good movie. . . I've failed on making any progress with the study guide but I have kept myself out of my bed, so it's still an absolute accomplishment in my opinion.

On a good procrastination note, I have discovered three things and because I know you are just sitting there procrastinating doing something important yourself, I'll list them and I'm giving full warning that they are quite random:

1. I really like pumpkin. This isn't exactly something I JUST discovered, it's more of something I just became completely aware and appreciative of. . I've also become aware that World of Beer (I don't really like beer so this bar never really made sense to me until now) has a pumpkin beer!! How delicious does that sound?!!? I've wanted it for a few days now and but have failed in my excursions to get someone to go with me. It has actually turned into what I am deeming a quest, and resulted in a trip downtown last night where I was promised said beer but instead got tricked to a show and them a dirty shirley or two. Now lets be honest here, dirty shirleys definitely aren't pumpkin beer they still result in happiness -- especially when the bartender is nice and packs them with cherries.

2. Bad situations can lead to really good days. I woke up late today - lies, I snoozed my alarm and refused to get out of bed until 9 this morning when I have to leave by 9:20 to get to work on time - so I was stressing and got to work to find all of our registers were going bonkers and something in the store was beeping every single minute. An obnoxious beeping, like the beeping that goes completely through you and makes you want to jump off a bridge beeping. Well, after an HOUR of dealing with it we finally figured it out (someone turned the wrong switch off last night. . . ) hallelujah! Of course once that was resolved the crazy spoiled Windermere, DP, Isleworth wives came in in their groups cackling like the little evil witches they truly are.  Quick fact: these women think that because their husbands make bank they can go around acting like their shit doesn't smell (french, whoops) while it's really stinkier than the rest of ours. . Anyways, I got yelled at quite a few times, had to suck up to a few ladies, got told my math was clearly off (it wasn't btw, you have no idea how much I wanted to say "see, you're wrong asshole" but didn't), froze all day because the ladies had the store at 70, and I was terribly hungover, which is my fault but that's not really an important aspect, all I know is I was horribly hungover. Yet despite that list of ridiculousness I had a fabulous day. Absolutely fabulous. I got to mock all of the uppity ladies with my lovely coworkers, heard them call each other bitches (mind you they're like sixty, wearing Lilly, and never ever say anything mean typically) and got sent on a "sanity run" to Panera for emergency chocolate chip cookies. .

3. This is more of a to-do for you. Go to pandora, make a station entitled "lisztomania, by Phoenix", prepare to be made pretty happy. Music can make anything better, and this music makes me want to dance around with a big ole grin on my face.  lol.

The end. I think I will now go actually get to cracking on this stupid guide. .

Ciao! xoxoxo

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