25 October 2013

Letterpress & Embossing

I've already blogged about my new Etsy shop and I'm so happy to say it's been a fun adventure so far! I'm able to create things that I love and look for but haven't been able to find, and it's such a great feeling!

After much discussing, and a few puppy dog eyes, Nic agreed to let me invest in a machine that lets me add letterpress and embossed stationery to my product list! I have been obsessed with Letterpress since working at Parchment. Being able to feel the indentions in the thick cotton paper is just beautiful to me. And Nic loves anything embossed. Being able to actually feel the curves of the writing, or the details in the designs has always made him happy. Our wedding invitations showcased this. This being said I must admit it didn't take long to convince him to let me invest in the machines. If anything we're now going to have beautiful stationery that I made myself. 

So without further ado I must share the first letterpress and embossed creations. I've updated the inventory on Etsy and these lovely items are officially up for sale! I hate that I'm saying this because it's not even Halloween yet, but, they would make for some nice Christmas presents.  Christmas specific notes and cards will be coming soon! 

Embossed notes: There are two different types of embossed notes. The first is seen in this folded note. You can actually feel the indention both in and out of the paper. And it is found on both the front and back of the paper. 

The second is a heat emboss. This occurs only on one side of the stationary.  You can feel the details on the top but the back remains smooth for extra writing space.
Letterpress is equally as beautiful as embossed paper but has an almost entirely different feeling. The designs are pressed on the thick almost fabric-like cotton and you can't feel the pattern on the other side. They're

Interested in any of these prints? Click on the text below the pictures and you'll be taken to the correct listing in my Etsy shop!  I'm so excited to add more new styles and designs. In the upcoming weeks.  Keep your eyes on my Instagram and new Kamariah Papaya Facebook page to stay up to date with new products and coupons!


22 October 2013

The Little Things

It is so easy to get caught up in the things that we "want" or "need" and not focus on the beautiful little things that surround us daily. A few weeks ago I was having a moment on the couch while Nic was cooking breakfast and I just started to break down. I was stressed, we don't have any spare furniture but we're having guests for Christmas, we don't have photos on our wall, our grass is dying, and none of our friends are our neighbors (this was a big thing for me that day, not like it's something new). I just sat there whining and complaining and nit picking when Nic put down my plate of pancakes -- which I hinted I was in the mood for -- and they were all cut in the shapes of hearts and a pumpkin and fall leaf.

I decided in that moment to try to stress out less and actually enjoy the little things around me. We're so blessed to have each other, and to have been able to spend this time together and I need to remember that. So here's a few of the "little things" that have been making me happy as of late. 

- Nic gets up a lot earlier than the dogs and I do in the morning. Ever since the pancake Sunday he's managed to snuggle back into bed in the morning after he's all ready. It's not for long but it manages to really make me happy the rest of the day. 

- We only have one car which had been a little tough on the days that I want to go to the store or just go explore for a bit. We're so lucky that some great guys also live in IB and don't mind picking him up some mornings. While I don't mind driving him in, I'll be up for the rest of the morning and taking the dogs while me usually results in Stella throwing up in the car right when I pull into the driveway. Ew. 

- I haven't burnt anything in the oven lately -- and I've even made two different batches of baked goods. I think the oven and I are finally on the same page, which doesn't sound like much, but it is. 

- Stella started training two weeks ago and is a lot easier to handle! We've actually been able to go on enjoyable walks where she's not trying to dislocate my shoulder and I'm able to relax for a bit.

- I was asked if I'd like to have Kamariah Papaya Prints to be featured on one of my favorite blogs in November! This is actually kind of a big thing. 

- I finally finished unpacking our bedroom yesterday, and I organized the boxes still left in the garage. Not having any boxes in our bedroom has made it a much more relaxing place. And now we can actually use the other half of our garage.

- Nic complimented my new recipe yesterday. It was a nice quiet "this is really really good" and it just about made my day. 

If you're having an off day try to pick out something you're grateful for, or just some little thing around you that's new or makes you happy. It's so easy to get lost in all the "big" problems and miss out on the wonderful little things around you! 


15 October 2013

Maroon 5

For quite some time Nic and I have been talking about wanting to go to more concerts.  Music is a big part of both of our lives -- from mood lifters to work out starters to just making cleaning a little bit easier we usually have some sort of music playing around the house.  After talking about it it really seemed silly to not go and see bands that we love when they come into town if we can afford it.

Since moving here we've ventured to two separate concerts of two separate genres.  Nic talked me into going to see Krewella one weekend, which was fun, but I'm too old to be jumping around for five hours.  We got there when doors opened at 9 only to see that they didn't come on until 11:45.  Let's just say we both let out a very big groan together and ordered another overpriced drink.

I had wanted to go to the Maroon 5 concert more than anything, but, we couldn't justify spending so much money on tickets after our Krewella adventure.  Thanks to one of Nic's amazing friend, we got a free pair of tickets the day of.  To say I wasn't excited as can be would be a lie.

I read mixed reviews on the venue but we loved it!  We had lawn seats which were pretty awesome.  We brought a blanket and got to cuddle on it until they started.  Kelly Clarkson came on and was adorably awkward.  I didn't realize how cold it got at night out here. A heavy sweater and some jeans wasn't nearly enough.  Next time I'm giving in and wearing boots and a scarf.  Adam Levine was amazing as predicted.  I'm so thankful we were able to see them live.  Even though their tour is over, if you have the opportunity to see Kelly or Maroon 5 live you should go.  They're amazing.  Also, don't get scared away from reviews of Sleep Train.  We loved it, and it didn't take us all night to get home.

I'm excited to see who we get to go see next. Go see more concerts, they're the perfect date night and it's so fun to hear them on the radio and be able to say "Hey! We saw them live!" And now for some of the horribly little pictures I've taken. Such a small amount.

SO happy but so so so cold!

And here's a happy video. I've also officially put a new and better camera on my Christmas list (even though this is from Nic's phone, but whatever)