23 September 2015

Kaena Point

I love this little island we're stuck on.  I have had Kaena Point on our radar for a while, but we've never managed to make the trek up there. This past weekend some girlfriends and I decided to take a truck off roading up to the sanctuary. Well, you now need a permit (and the combination to a lock) to get onto the road, so our short hike turned into a nice long walk.

We love to meander along so we added about half a mile - a mile by walking down by the shoreline. There are a ton of tide pools, washed up and bleached coral, and all sorts of other treasures. It is a beautiful coastline with the mountains on one side and a dramatic rocky shore on the other.

Once you reach the point you have to go through a gate. In order to protect the seabirds who use this area as nesting grounds, a predator proof fence was constructed and dogs are not allowed on the property. It's a reserve for albatross and Hawaiian Monk Seals.

It is well worth the drive! You can get to Kaena Point from the North Shore or the Waianae side, and both will give you a different type of scenery along the way.  I want to make sure to head back up here to catch sunset with Nic once he gets back -- and possibly take our Christmas photos. It's that gorgeous!

22 September 2015

Horseback Riding

Since moving to Oahu I've become involved in an officers' spouses club (if you're on Oahu send me a message and I can tell you about all of the wonderful things we do!).  I didn't have an opportunity to really join any spousal organizations during our time in San Diego, and I really wanted to make the most out of this military life style.  We're a wonderful little club and I have been able to engage in different activities that I normally wouldn't be able to do.

Our monthly social in August was horseback riding up at Gunstock Ranch on the North Shore. I definitely recommend it for a fun few hours out. They have all different types of rides, and lessons. Our guides were funny and nice and it was just an overall nice morning.

I was beyond lucky because it fell during the few weeks my wonderful husband was back on island. When we first started dating and Nic flew up to Pennsylvania for a few weeks with me we went on a little trail ride.  It's fun to reminisce and be doing the same things together so many years later.

05 September 2015

Sneaky Dachshund

So, if you've known us for a while you would know that little Eevah is a bit of a sneak. Who has a very large problem with wanting to constantly escape whenever she can. Her life of belly rubs, snuggles, sleeping on whatever furniture she likes, and getting lots of treats is just too exhausting for her and she needs to get away, obviously.

Eevah has already escaped our home here and ran after our neighbors large lassie dog.  But this story is how she got stuck under our house.  For some reason our homes were built a bit off the ground and Eevah quickly learned that both cats and mongoose like to hang out beneath the homes.  Since Nic has been gone one of my favorite things to do is take the girls out into our little courtyard with their tie outs.  Eevah sunbathes, Stella looks around and then finds some shade and I get to do whatever I need to do.  Typically Eevah will go sniff under the house and then walk away, well not today. 

I actually tried to get a picture, and then a video of Eevah trying to get under the house (hindsight is twenty twenty). She couldn't fit and kept getting stuck with half her body under, and the other half stuck outside.  It was hysterical.  I gave it maybe two thoughts and went back to planting. And then I heard Eevah's hunt squeal under the house.  She may be small, but she is mighty, and Eevah loves to hunt.  I'm not entirely sure what she would do if she ever caught anything, but she loves the chase. 

Thankfully Eevah was tied to a long line and will come with the promise of food, but the thing is, she got stuck, and started to wiggle out of her harness because I was trying to squeeze the sausage somewhere it most definitely wouldn't fit.  So I got to dig the dachshund out.  

Let's just say, she won't be allowed over to that side of the house again.  And she'll never look at a hose again because she finally got a hose bath and I think she was a bit traumatized. 

If you would like to read about Eevah's near death experience that caused me to flash some of my neighbors in San Diego, click here.  She sure keeps life interesting. And she loves to make sure it all happens whenever Nic isn't home.  Such a thoughtful girl.