10 July 2011


The amount of frustration that is building inside of me concerning moving to Maryland in August (that's next month, btw) is ridiculous. I'm beginning to go insane.

Having Eevah is making moving just oh, I don't know, 98% harder than it would be if I didn't have her? I'm not at all saying I wish I didn't, because that's not true! I'm just saying that every cute affordable place I've found has a strict "NO PETS" tag added. . . caps and all. I mean, I don't know how many more emails I can send saying "she's just a seven pound miniature dachshund". They haven't worked. .

So now I'm still looking, and I found the perfect one, but buy the time I emailed it was rented. I am beyond frustrated. Sigh.

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  1. try just getting the lease and reading what it specifically says about pets.. like mine has a clause that says they're not allowed unless i ask my landlords permission. i didn't ask and he hasn't said anything sooo..... im home free? just hide her whenever the landlord comes :)