23 August 2011

Blessing in Disguise

I´ve decided nursing schools are complicated little buggers that thoroughly enjoy confusing me. That being said, and as I´m sure most/a lot of you know, I'm no longer going to Mount. They came back with an absolutely atrocious financial aid package which had me taking out $22,000 in loans a YEAR and that's all before nursing school. . no thank you. After 5 days of being completely depressed and an absolute joy to be around, lol, I am back up on my feet making chocolate chip cookies and figuring my life out. I thank a relaxing day of internal reflecting at the beach and my mom refusing to allow me to stay in a funk. And Katie and Vicki for dealing with my constant melt downs. ;3, that´s meant to be a heart but my keyboard´s all funky haha.

So now I´m perusing various nursing schools throughout the country and have discovered I have choices and have narrowed my them down to three.

1. Anne Arundel Community College in Annapolis. I´d have to start in the fall, which would have me graduating in December 2013, when Nic has most likely left Annapolis already. Major con.
2. Florida Hospital in Orlando. It´s a good program, I´d start in the summer and also graduate in December 2013 as it´s a longer program.
3. Harford Community College in Bel Air, Maryland. I could start in the summer and do their accelerated program which would have me doing my clinical´s on the weekends, which I really don´t think I´d mind so much. I´d be done August 2013. And it´s an hour away from Nic. Hmmmm.

I´m going to apply to all three and see what happens. I can´t exactly complain about any as long as I get my nursing degree, but we all know where I´m routing for haha.

The moral of this story is that everything happens for a reason. Even though I had my heart set on Mount and moving and had a cute apartment picked out, after thinking about it I think it´s okay this happened. I do better at smaller schools, I did a lot better at Valencia than Rollins specifically because there wasn´t really a party scene at a community college, and I was able to find my own niche. So now I´m just going to sit here eating my cookies and watching Robin Hood realizing this was a huge blessing in disguise.

Ciao! xoxox

PS Does anyone know how to change your keyboard off of the spanish setting, I think it´s under it because none of my lovely dodads like question marks or anything are coming out normal, but all funky. Like here´s what my colon looks like Ñ. lol. Helppp.

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