06 November 2011

Mission Trip? I Like That Idea

I've been tossing around the idea of going on a mission trip for about a year now, but I've never really looked upon it. About a month ago I facebook messaged a fellow sorority sister who has gone on quite a few mission trips and who I look up to dearly for advice on how to really start the process. She responded with great guidance but the hustle and bustle of school and work kept me away from paying it any mind.

Now that I'm sitting here studying for my two tests and practical on Wednesday, it of course pops back into my head and I can't shake it. (Great timing eh?) I was considering doing Peace Corps after getting my nursing degree, but I decided against it. I think a long trip over the summer sounds extremely doable and rewarding. . If you know me you know I am not an outspoken person, especially not concerning God. I have my beliefs, I do strongly believe in them, but I'm not exactly one to go and yell at people for not believing in what I do. If someone is rudely going against what I believe and personally jeering at it I do not have a problem nicely telling them why I believe what I do, I will not sit and have someone makes jests at something that I live by. That being said I do think everyone has their own set of moral codes, but I also think that some places do not have any at all and that's where I would love to go. I want to make a positive difference in a persons life and help them see something that they may have not seen before, or purposefully shut out of their life (I'm guilty of doing this myself).

I just started looking and have already found two trips that I would love to go on. I like one specifically because it is closer to the US. Sad I know, but I've never really been overseas before (Costa Rica doesn't really count). This trip is focused around working with an orphanage in Tijuana. That being said the chances of my being allowed to go to Tijuana are slim to none; my mom was just reading in the paper about how dangerous Mexico is this morning. And she's rather protective, which I'm very thankful for. But I would love to work with children. The second trip which I am extremely drawn to is in Thailand and has to do with human trafficking, an atrocity that I have very strong feelings concerning. I first really became aware of human trafficking through a Lifetime movie and since then it is something that I will willingly get into arguments about and have always wanted to help stop but have never really knew where to start.  Click here if you're interested in reading more about it! And make sure to read this story to understand exactly what is drawing me towards this. It's so heartbreaking.

If any of you have any ideas or places to point me to I would greatly appreciate it as I feel like this is going to be a great journey that I'm just starting to put my toes into.

Ciao!! xoxo

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