28 July 2011

True Life: I'm really picky

So, I found an apartment. It's in Thurmont so it's only ten minutes away from the school. Eevah can live there, and it's all older people (lets be frank, I'd be great living in a retirement community and totes ma gotes would if I could).

It has everything I wanted. Allows doggies, close to school, rent is great, washer and dryer in the apartment, and a patio (sick).

But, now I'm being picky? My neighbors nephew lives 10 minutes away from Thurmont and went to check it out for me and sent me pictures. . and, the washer and dryer is in the kitchen? AND I CANNOT GET OVER IT.

Is that weird or am I just being weird? Actually it's a combination of both/get over it.


The end. :) Ciao! xoxoxo.


  1. Our washer/dryer is in the kitchen and I HATE it! So you aren't weird. But I'm used to it now. Not sure how yours is, but there is a wall with cabinents and the sink, the wall "ends" and on the right side, the wall goes back a little bit, where you might think a pantry would be...NOPE! ...it's a closet with the stackable washer/dryer. BUT I did find one positive...the kitchen table is right there and so it's nice to be able to take the clothes out of the dryer and use the table to assist in folding clothes and I can stand them in separate piles as I fold (I'm OCD so it's all folded in categories)

  2. But WOOHOO for an apartment!!!!