07 December 2017


To say things have been hectic lately is an understatement.  We still don't have a house to move into in Meridian and are moving the 13th. . we just got our movers finalized, I need to inventory all of our high value items and update our renters insurance, and I've just been having horrendous heartburn.  Oh, it's also the last week of my school semester and shoot -- I feel like all I've been doing is work!

Needless to say it has been a bit hard to just take a break and sit back and feel grateful and thankful for the things around me instead of stressed and overwhelmed.  Our original plan was to drive home for Thanksgiving but our last trip home made me realize that sitting in the car more than two hours is going to result in misery, and when you're on a tight leave schedule you can't take two days to make a 7 hour trip. .  We therefore changed everything up and around and invited everyone up for the holidays.   Nic's family already had plans and in true fashion, my parents weren't able to figure out if they could come until the day before, but at noon they were heading on up for less than a 48 hour visit.

It can be so easy to just get overwhelmed and lonely in this lifestyle.  Are we making the right decisions?  Am I not being a big enough of a trooper and should we just drive home?  So many questions are constantly running through my head and this pregnancy seems to have just eliminated my ability to come to a conclusion and let go.  I just hone in on something and bring it up about ten times (bless Nic for dealing with me) until it's too late and the decision is already made.

As I was waiting for my parents to arrive I realized a few things. . Nic and I have been together eleven years and this would be his first time spending Thanksgiving with my family.   I haven't spent Thanksgiving with them in four years.  And even though it was a fast trip, there truly isn't anything better than being able to cook with your parents and just make memories.

We woke up super early Friday to go get poinsettias, and then Starbucks, Target and Petsmart and it truly was the most pleasant Black Friday shopping experience in the world. Target was less crowded than it is on a normal day.  After breakfast we were home and my parents were on their way back to Orlando and life began to resume again.

But we had that time.  And while we're moving in the middle of December, Nic is still home. And I still am able to have a mini fake tree in the interim. And most importantly, little girl loves to give a solid kick or two when I seem to be having an extra hard moment.

So here's to taking a step back and truly enjoying the little things. Whether it's a phone call from a loved one, a quick visit, an email or just a hot coffee -- they really are the little things that get us thru the hard days.

01 November 2017

Holland Farms

This past weekend we ventured out to Holland Farms to pick some pumpkins and enjoy the fall weather.  The high for the day was only 55 and it sure felt like fall leaving me to wish I brought a scarf along.  When the wind wasn't blowing it wasn't bad but as soon as the wind blew it was chilly!

We actually went to Holland Farms last year and had a blast so we decided not to venture out to the other farms in the area this year.  Plus one of their sunflower fields was still in bloom and I knew I wanted to pick some for our mantle place.  This year we visited the farm with our friends and their adorable pup Sven.  Kelly is also pregnant, and Tommy and Nic both selected the same pipeline but we're unfortunately moving to different places for advanced. Gotta love the Navy.

The pumpkin patch was extra special this year because we brought our own little pumpkin with us. It's crazy to think I'm already 22 weeks pregnant.  Little girl is going to be here before we know it and next year we'll be visiting another farm with our own little one. Cue the emotional waterworks.


19 October 2017

Baby Hajner is a. . .

We decided to do a gender reveal party when we came home so we would be able to do it with both of our parents. We have no idea if/when we'd be this close to home again if/when we're ever pregnant again so we wanted to take full advantage of the situation! After an extremely busy weekend traveling down to Orlando, up and back from a dear friends wedding in Virginia Beach, and an early morning flight, we were more than ready for some good food and family time. . and finding out what little baby was!

After a bit of coordinating struggles we finally Facebook Live'd (gotta love our generation) and were ready to cut the cake. . .

Itty bitty baby Hajner is a GIRL!!!! 

We couldn't be more excited or feel a little overwhelmed. We went shopping yesterday and the amount of cute girl items is just absurd.  I wanted to get absolutely everything! 

Here's to being halfway done with pregnancy and being able to call baby a correct pronoun now.