01 November 2017

Holland Farms

This past weekend we ventured out to Holland Farms to pick some pumpkins and enjoy the fall weather.  The high for the day was only 55 and it sure felt like fall leaving me to wish I brought a scarf along.  When the wind wasn't blowing it wasn't bad but as soon as the wind blew it was chilly!

We actually went to Holland Farms last year and had a blast so we decided not to venture out to the other farms in the area this year.  Plus one of their sunflower fields was still in bloom and I knew I wanted to pick some for our mantle place.  This year we visited the farm with our friends and their adorable pup Sven.  Kelly is also pregnant, and Tommy and Nic both selected the same pipeline but we're unfortunately moving to different places for advanced. Gotta love the Navy.

The pumpkin patch was extra special this year because we brought our own little pumpkin with us. It's crazy to think I'm already 22 weeks pregnant.  Little girl is going to be here before we know it and next year we'll be visiting another farm with our own little one. Cue the emotional waterworks.


19 October 2017

Baby Hajner is a. . .

We decided to do a gender reveal party when we came home so we would be able to do it with both of our parents. We have no idea if/when we'd be this close to home again if/when we're ever pregnant again so we wanted to take full advantage of the situation! After an extremely busy weekend traveling down to Orlando, up and back from a dear friends wedding in Virginia Beach, and an early morning flight, we were more than ready for some good food and family time. . and finding out what little baby was!

After a bit of coordinating struggles we finally Facebook Live'd (gotta love our generation) and were ready to cut the cake. . .

Itty bitty baby Hajner is a GIRL!!!! 

We couldn't be more excited or feel a little overwhelmed. We went shopping yesterday and the amount of cute girl items is just absurd.  I wanted to get absolutely everything! 

Here's to being halfway done with pregnancy and being able to call baby a correct pronoun now. 


26 September 2017

Month 4

Month four is over (HOW) and I am a little scared to report that my energy is finally coming back in fear that I may jinx it.  This was a SUPER exciting month!  We found out Nic got selected to fly Jets which is fantastic news!  This also means we'll be moving to Mississippi sometime (hopefully) before baby is born.  We're really praying it will be before January so I'm not moving eight months pregnant.  I can't decide if I'd rather move super pregnant or with a one month old, so we'll just have to see what the Navy decides.

As the month went on we've been venturing out on walks on the Blackwater Trail by our house and some wonderful walks on the beach.  One beach walk I decided we were walking to the pier.  Hindsight it was way to far and we didn't realize that until we were on the way back, but I did it and it was amazing.  You can't beat walking while getting a tan and breathing the ocean air.

Week 17 seems to be the week that things are starting to "pop" if that's the correct term? On the same note Nic's squadron set up photos with the T-6 and when we said I was pregnant and wanted to do a cute photo concerning that he was like "well I know you're not showing yet". .  So maybe we're just crazy? Who knows!

Things are definitely changing from month two and three.  I may be switching to periodic weekly updates after this because I felt like each week this month had it's own unique set of cravings/hate/emotions/excitements!

Here's a quick run down of how month four (weeks 14-17) growing baby went!

Total weight gain:  Same as before, no scale, no idea! I was tempted to get on the Publix scale the other day but I was in a bit of a crabby mood and decided against it for poor Nics sake.

Maternity clothes:  Week 16 my favorite looser jean shorts no longer can be comfortably buttoned. Everywhere else fits minus the button.  For some reason this was upsetting to me (crazy hormones anyone?) but I'm just going to have to embrace it and start using a hair tie to get me by.

Stretch marks: Still none thankfully! I switched to shea butter lotion and Burts Bees tummy lotion switching every other day.

Sleep:  I'm still exhausted but have had a harder time sleeping last week (week 16 has been a bit of a mess). A few restless nights and I haven't been able to fall back asleep once Nic gets up for work.  I've been able to get my schoolwork done earlier in the day, but it's still frustrating.  I tried going to bed earlier but just sat there twiddling my thumbs.  Here's to hoping I can get back into the groove of things sooner.

Cravings:  Chocolate and sweets. I've finally started to want to eat Publix garlic hummus and salads and crave some healthy snacks which is a welcomed change. I've also wanted Kombucha again and have made two cups of coffee at home this week which is a huge deal because the smell of regular coffee was making me queasy for a long time.  Sweets still win though.  Cakes, cookies, Nothing Bundt Cakes gluten free cake. . oh and pumpkin spice chai tea is my favorite of late.  I baked a chocolate cake and it sucked and Nic surprised me by baking some brownies yesterday and they were heavenly.  I've also really wanted Middlesworth BBQ chips, tea and garlic sticks from Pennsylvania.

Don't even bring it near the house: Bacon is still a big no.  Which is so depressing.  Also citrus is a no go.  We bought this adorable steam vegetable pack from Publix -- Rosemary Potatoes -- and I couldn't even eat it because the few lemon slices in it were too overpowering for me.

Missing: Just being able to open the fridge and eat some salami.  Also just feeling like I can work out.  It's interesting to see how quickly I get tired compared to before.  Sitting down to a good meal and enjoying it instead of not being able to eat it after two bites.

Feeling:  Nausea is still coming in waves.  Mornings seem to be good with mid-evening being my worse.  I've been feeling excited, nervous, terrified, anxious, basically all the moods this month.  Also grateful for my husband who has been catering to my hungers and moods without breaking a step. Gotta love that man.

Emotions:  See above.  My patience for people has also disappeared.  Hurricane Irma and everyone in Pensacola losing it when we were never even in the cone had me at wits end. Nic also asked me whether the thickness of the salami on the free sample at the deli was good enough (I'm a lunchmeat thin Nazi) and I think I probably could have kicked him. WHO OFFERS COLD SALAMI TO SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN CRAVING IT BUT CAN'T EAT IT!?!?! We drastically disagree on whether it was really stupid of him or not, but I didn't kill him in Publix so it's all good. 

Looking forward to:  Feeling baby move and actually knowing it was baby moving.  Also finding out the gender in this upcoming month -- EEK!