18 September 2017

Month 3

I hate to say figuring out which weeks are in which month of pregnancy took far too long and involved asking Nic for help.  I don't know if that's just being an idiot, general exhaustion or pregnancy brain, but we're going to blame the last one.  Poor guy made a comment about how I'm almost in my fifth month (!) and I literally made the same comment maybe five minutes later.  Gotta love his patience and ability to just laugh once I realized it.

Month 3 is over and I'm pretty excited, and also just bewildered at where the time has gone! We started doing our chalkboard and photos at week 10 and I've been mulling over doing weekly bump dates on the blog.  I have my belly book and have been doing the bump dates in there so we'll see. I may bring them over, or just continue to do my little monthly updates. It's fun to see how these compare from month two.

That being said here's a quick run down of how month three (weeks 9-13) growing baby went!

Total weight gain:  Without a scale in our house I've only been tracking it from doctors appointments. So far nothing!

Maternity clothes:  Nothing new yet.  My tighter skinny day shorts officially are uncomfortable, but they were uncomfortable before I started working out again so that's not really a big surprise now that I've stopped.

Stretch marks: Still none thankfully! I started using a shea butter lotion post showers.

Sleep:  I'm constantly exhausted and napping.

Cravings:  Church's mashed potatoes and coleslaw.  I've never had Church's before and never ever wanted Church's but one day I wanted mashed potatoes and cole slaw and that was our closest option and the way home, and I've been back multiple times since.  Pregnancy is odd.  Also chocolate and lunch meat (specifically salami and a wrap from Public!) oh and pumpkin spice latte. I don't know how many times I've asked Nic if it's out yet.  Or messaged my poor friend who works at Starbucks if there's any update on the release day.

Don't even bring it near the house: Bacon is still a big no. Which is so depressing.

Missing: Being able to work out, or do anything, and eat anything.  I've been so lazy.  A trip to the grocery store leaves me needing a nap and it has been a harder adjustment.

Feeling:  Still nauseous and super exhausted. Bedtime has gotten earlier and if I'm up until 10 it's a bigger deal.  We did have people over for the big fight and I was up past midnight and let me tell you I FELT LIKE SO COOL. And also was absolutely exhausted and fell asleep right as soon as everyone left.

Emotions:  I don't feel crazy so I'm counting that as a good thing.  I have been getting teary eyed faster at movies and shows.

Looking forward to:  Telling everyone other than family that we're expecting a wee little one! 



Month 2

It's so exciting to be sitting here writing this draft, knowing that only our parents know about little baby right now. To say I'm excited to be able to eventually share this with friends and family is an understatement. On the same note, it's kind of nice not to have to answer tons of questions and to have such a monumental and life changing "secret" amongst ourselves for a while.

That being said here's a quick run down of how month two (weeks 5-8) growing baby went!

Total weight gain:  We don't keep a scale in our home. I don't think it's a healthy habit to constantly check your weight so I'm not really sure!

Maternity clothes: Not yet, but I officially can't wear some of the tighter shorts I was able to get back into while doing the Tone It Up challenge. Also stole a few pair of Nic's boxers for sleeping because none of my work out shorts are comfortable.

Stretch marks: None yet! I've been liberally applying my Aveeno after showers. It's still too early to see any big changes anyways, but still.

Sleep: I am constantly exhausted.  I've never been a big napper but now I need at least one a day, preferably one around 9/10 if I get up earlier and then one in the afternoon/before dinner.  And then I'm in bed taking my medicine by 10:30 PM and that's pushing it.

Cravings: It changed throughout the month. For a little it was ham and pizza, and then the ham dropped off. It changed to anything chocolate (cake, brownies, Reese's), peaches or nectarines, and water. Tomato sandwiches too.

Don't even bring it near the house: Bacon -- UGH this pains me. But seeing commercials with bacon on TV makes my stomach just twist. The smell also makes me a little angry. Orange juice. Burgers.

Missing: Being able to work out, or do anything, and eat anything.  I've been so lazy.  A trip to the grocery store leaves me needing a nap and it has been a harder adjustment.

Feeling: Nauseous as all hell. Words cannot even put into a description how nauseous I've been.  Thankfully my doctor was able to prescribe a medicine that has made me able to function, but I'm still miserably nauseous.  No vomiting though!

Emotions: I cried because I bought Kit Kat's instead of Reese's on accident, but I honestly find that completely ok because I can't even eat Kit Kat's.  Relatively happy, a smidge more emotional than normal.  And needy. Lol. 

Looking forward to:  This third month and getting into the second trimester. Hopefully feeling better and being able to actually get some energy to do things. 

06 September 2017

Big Announcement

If you follow on social media, this isn't new news but I wanted to make it blog official! We're expecting baby Hajner this March are are SO incredibly excited! Words honestly can't begin to describe all the emotions we've been feeling.  We've been hoping and praying for this, and the timing is pretty perfect so we're just ecstatic!

I wrote a post at the end of my second month that I'll be publishing soon, and have one from my third month as well. I haven't been feeling the best, and thank God for modern day medicine. I know it could be worse, but it also definitely could be better! At least little one is an amazing reason to be sick for!

I'm thinking of possibly doing weekly bump dates, or may just do monthly bump dates, or possibly neither.  I'm still up in the air about it all!