04 September 2011

Forty-Eight Hours

The last forty eight hours have been absolutely crazy. About a week ago I discovered Harford Community College in Bel Air, Md. It has a nursing program that starts in the summer and is the only school I've been able to find that has a time line that fits perfectly with the plan I have in my head. That being said, I applied to take two prerequisite classes at the school in order to get an extra point on my nursing application because I "attended Harfod for regular classes". This went swell. . I got into my Micro class. . and had to wait for the Dean of Sciences to give me permission to get into the A&P2 class. . . this permission FINALLY came on Thursday and I decided that I'm moving up. . .

My next issue to tackle was an apartment that would allow Eevah, and not have a full year lease in class I ended up getting into a nursing school back in Florida. Well, for the last forty eight hours I've played email and phone tag with about fifteen people, and none of them work. They're either not available, or a whole year lease, or they won't allow a dog. . . So low and behold I have the opportunity to go to Maryland be happy and live there, but the means (or would it be livelihood? now that's a question. . ) isn't there.

All in all, Florida really needs to just let me go already and Maryland needs to get it's shit together.

Ciao. xoxo. 

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