16 July 2011

Here's to Hoping

I think I may have found an apartment. . keyword in that statement is "may". It's 25 minutes away from Mount St.Mary's which kind of stinks but I've honestly given up trying to live close. There isn't any housing close to the school because the school is in the middle of no where and no one is renting anything that even resembles a 1br (I'm not going to rent a 3br townhouse just for me).

So, I'm hoping this one will work. It's adorable, it's a little basement apartment, but there are windows, thank god, I could not be coped up like a bat. I would go insane. There's also a yard for Eevah to run in, which was important because that'll make my life easier. It's more expensive than we wanted but hey, beggars can't be choosers I guess? Now I'm trying to find things to decorate it with. Needless to say I am becoming more and more annoyed with Parchment for writing me out of the schedule. As in I'm infuriated. Because my money is slowly dwindling just from eating and shopping and gas and buying new windshield wipers. . I need money and I'm going to need to get a job as soon as I get up there.

On a happier note, I did just find the cutest winter jacket on sale, so guess who just got a wine colored pea coat for next year --- this girl. And I am PUMPED. But I also have realized that I have expensive taste which sucks because everything I am finding that I would want to use to decorate my apartment is SUPER expensive. For example, the shower curtain I am in love with is $50.00. Maybe I've lived in a bubble, but I think that's kinda sorta a little expensive.

Oh well. Fingers crossed I actually get this and will have a place to live. In the meantime I am going to spend my day out by the pool, not moving for anything other than a new drink. Productivity as it's finest and I am super excited. Also, Nic's coming back from Cali next Sunday and I am determined to not let him completely show me up "tan" wise. haha.

Ciao! xoxo

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