02 February 2014

Getting Swoll aka February's Directive

Participating in Kate & Trudy's 2014 directive has been so fun so far! I've felt a lot better about breaking our New Years Resolutions into monthly goals is making me feel like I'm going to not only accomplish more, but also stay on track.

That being said, my January directive hasn't gone as well as I thought it would! (haha) Setting a budget is hard work, and trying to set one for the month after Christmas proved even harder. Throughout December and January we had a lot of house guests. And with house guests comes higher "basic" bills, so, we've been feeling the effects of that.  I did sit down and organize when all of our bills are do, how our paychecks work, and we're sitting in a better position with that. I also learned that we can go somewhere and have professionals look at our budget and make us one for free since he's in the Navy. Needless to say if I can't get it organized enough in the next month we will be taking advantage of that.

For February I'm picking an "easier" plan: get back into working out. I was SO good at going to the gym before the wedding and I usually left in a better mood than I walked in in. I felt good, and didn't feel terrible eating another cookie or two since I actually worked out.

Anyways, it's easy to be like "I'm going to start working out this month" and leave it at that. And then I'll work out twice and hey, it technically fulfills my goal right? Nope. So thanks to my fantastic workout obsessed husband, I'm hoping to have a better plan. I also used to love to run. I loved loved loved it. And then I stopped, and when I restarted I naturally feel like I'm about to die after 5 minutes so I don't (makes sense), and I want to remedy that. I don't want this to be just a February thing, but instead I want this to be my reintroduction to working out. I hate going to the gym especially when I haven't been for a while. I hate being that girl who goes and is dying, but then again, at least that girl's in the gym. Nic knows this and has decided to make me workouts I can do at home to "reintroduce" myself to working out, and then I can get to the gym.

My plan:

- Run twice a week. As in get in my pretty running shoes,
- Get a yoga ball for the chair in my office. One it will help with my posture, two, so I can do mini workouts while I'm waiting for orders to print
- Do Nic's work outs for me, and therefore get into the gym by the end of the month
- Go for a bike ride up to the state beach once a week (it's a decent ride and also beautiful)

Here's to getting healthier!


  1. Your bike ride up the beach sounds AMAZING! How's the first week going so far?! Your goals are fantastic and how SWEET of Nic to help out by creating workouts for you. Love him!

    As for January, budgeting is definitely hard work. I'm planning a bit of a recap on my blog in a couple parts over the next few weeks so maybe you can have a re-do in March :)

    Thanks for joining in again! So excited to see your progress. xo

    1. It's going well!! Nic's absurdly athletic so he's just happy I want to get back into shape.

      He actually took my budget outline and transferred it into excel and I think we might have a budget. Yay directives!! I'm so happy to be participating again.

  2. I love how your February Directive is incremental instead of a full force going to the gym working out 7 days a week! I am excited to hear about your progress at the end of the month. I used to run all of the time, but then life got busy. I have to get back out there too. Isn't it amazing how we know how much better we feel after doing it, but it is really hard to get motivated to actually do it!

    I am also glad to hear that while your January Directive didn't go to plan, you are still working hard to make it a part of your daily life.

    1. I knew it would be unrealistic to just say "hey go to the gym" so I'm working in little steps. You don't need to go to the gym to be active! It has actually gone a lot better than I thought it was going to which I'm excited to tell about. I also found this easy "back to running plan" which is pathetic when you look at it, but it at leasts gets you moving. :) http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/weight-loss-program-walk-run?fullpage=1