06 January 2014

2014 Directive: January

I've created quite a few New Years Resolutions each year but I usually lose them halfway through the year if not earlier. Lifestyle changes are great, but for me it's really hard to keep things going for 12 months unless I absolutely need to (for example, eat gluten free. If this was by choice I wouldn't have lasted a week nonetheless over 2 years, but it's not, so I have to). Anyways, I was perusing some of my favorite blogs and came upon the 2014 Directive and I loved it! It breaks your resolutions down by months, so you can still accomplish those big things but also set smaller goals that span each month.

Each goal is broken down to fit into a SMART standpoint. They have to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

I told Nic about it and he thought it was a great idea so here we are, trying to come up with our directive for this month. I want to say not spend money, but I also really really really want to try to go to Yosemite to snow shoe this month or the next, so that's not realistic.

Instead I want us to set a budget. We've been planning on sitting down and creating once since we've moved but holidays, Nic's job, and other things have kept pushing it back. So now we're setting this as our directive. We want to set a budget that can accommodate our lives both now and in the future. As well as have money budgeted in for fun things and for saving for "bigger" items that we've been lusting after.  I can't lie, I sometimes stress when I look at our bank account and actually having a budget would be nice and help alleviate that stress a bit.

I want to create a binder with sections for bills and documents for each month as well as a print out of our budgets and spending patterns. Friends recommended Mint so I think we're also going to give that a try. There's also a snazzy print out to keep the directives for the year in one area so I'm going to make a section for that.

So here's to getting organized and setting a budget this month.

Kate & Trudy The 2014 Directive

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  1. Sometimes it just feel so difficult to find one budgeting way that suit individually. How's everything so far?