19 February 2014

I love Love

I truly love love. That sounds so cheesy, but I truly do. I'm a hopeless romantic and swoon at the little things. Some people view that as a fault but my Nicholas doesn't seem to mind.

We were able to spend the entire day together, as in we didn't wake up until 10:30, which was a first. I'll be honest and say it was nice to not share him with the Navy on a weekday, especially a holiday.

We ventured to the farmers market where we had the most amazing pulled pork sandwiches ever and also grabbed a very large container of homemade guacamole. We stumbled upon the farmers market on accident one week and have gone back every Friday since. While I love the commissary it's so nice to get fresh picked vegetables and fruit. I love supporting local businesses and the quality and price can't be beat.

Originally we planned to go out to Ruths Chris for dinner but after some thought we decided to stay home, relax and just make dinner ourselves. And it was amazing. I love food, I truly do, and I also love wine. And being able to make dinner at home and just relax was nice. We didn't have to worry bout how wound up the dogs would be once we came home, or who wouldn't be able to drink because we had to drive back (it's always Nic which makes me feel bad). We found the most amazing lobster colorado recipe which I couldn't recommend enough, I made some pierogi potatoes and we have "fresh organic broccoli" straight from our garden. Pair that with some ridiculously decadent wine and we were happy as can be.


I also slaved over chocolate covered strawberries where the chocolate had a decent amount of Kahlua in them. We watched Nic's favorite movie Count of Monte Cristo. We hope every else also had a wonderful day full of their loved ones!

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