26 February 2014

Branching Out {My March Directive}

Oh me oh my, February is somehow almost over! I don't know how this month has flown by so fast, actually, how fast the last two months have flown by!

Kate & Trudy The 2014 Directive

How February worked out

I am so happy to say that my February directive went pretty! Thanks to my amazing husband I've been able to stay on track and work out even on the days that all I wanted to do was curl up onto the couch. In hindsight I wish I would have added a "eat healthier/don't eat as many cookies" clause to my directive. I've made cupcakes, homemade icing and chocolate chip cookies this month and have successful eaten half of them, but that's ok, at least I worked out.

I did run out of contacts last weekend and then ordered them from Vision Direct, paid $20 for overnight shipping and they didn't show up until over a week later which is just ridiculous.  It wasn't life or death but it but it did dampen my ability to workout since I'm blind as a bat without my contacts. Instead I got to chase two 80 lb dogs around our yard and also went on walks with my husband. We even got two bike rides in! Any activity is better than no activity!

My March plans

I was mulling over all of my ideas while Nic was making pancakes and my husband nicely blurted out that I needed to get out of my "cushy life" and try something new. Isn't he such a sweetie? But he's right. I do pretty much the same things all the time. Even my "branching out" and being adventurous isn't that adventurous. Therefore this months directive is going to be a little bit different. .  I'm challenging myself to step out of my comfortable comfort zone and do something adventurous. Nic's really excited about it so I can't wait to see what we manage to get into. His suggestions were sky diving, cliff jumping, surfing (the water's just SO cold here!) all of which are ridiculous and most likely not going to happen.

I also want to keep my February directive going. I am well stocked on contacts now so that excuse is gone!

One of my more adventurous moments swimming over Dean's Blue Hole on our honeymoon


  1. I really think having hubby's support is KEY to the success of any goal. Today, mine decided he wanted to fulfill the same February Directive and he grabbed 100% of his clothes out of the dresser and closet and started sorting through them. I LOVE IT! :)

    Excited to have you back on board this month. SUPER excited to hear what you end up doing to get out of your cushy lifestyle. EEK!

  2. I love this goal! I'm sure I'll have goals this year that will make my husband say WHA? and some that will make him say YES! :)

    1. It's so funny how they end up having a say! He's been so helpful with the other two months!

  3. Surfing or cliff jumping sound like so much fun!! Although I'm not sure I'd actually try cliff jumping... but surfing is something I've always wanted to do. Good luck with your directive this month!

    1. Thanks so much! I definitely know cliff jumping will not be happening hahaha. I am WAY too chicken for that! We're supposed to have waves up to 21 feet tomorrow from a storm front and of course Nic joked that it's the perfect time to go try. hahah. I'll wait for the little waves to come back!