28 February 2014

a little snail mail

I think most people forget how nice it is to go to your mailbox and receive something other than bills. While I love the amenities we have all of the bills really are a downer. Whenever there's something personal in our mailbox I practically skip back to the house so I can open it.

To help spread that happy feeling I'm holding a pre-sale on one of my favorite notes! While coupon codes are nice, pre-sales are even better! As of now these notes are only available right here, so make sure to get a pack or two before they go up in the shop at the full price!

Until March 7th you can get a pack of 15 scalloped notes with kraft envelopes that read "a little snail mail" with an adorable snail on the flap as a special pre-sale price.

Regular price: $22 
plus shipping

Sale price: $16
plus shipping  

Shipping via 2 day priority mail: $5.60 

Are you curious as to what else is available in the shop? Click on "shop" up top and you'll go straight to my Etsy shop! Use the code "anchors" for 10% off anything else until the 7th!

Click here to order your set! Once your order has been received an invoice will be sent to you via PayPal. Happy shopping!

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