22 January 2014

Long Weekends Mean Fun

I don't know how it's already Wednesday. I meant to have this post up in the beginning of the week, but that four day weekend has me all sorts of confused and backward. So here's my midweek post reviewing a great weekend full of everything we needed.

If you follow me on Twitter you probably sensed I was having a tough time towards the end of last week. I don't know why but I was just in a rut and honestly couldn't shake it for anything. I tried baking, but just got upset. I mean, how does that happen?! To combat my less than pleasant mood Nic took the dogs and I for a beach walk. We're only a five minute drive from the beach yet we haven't been using it as much as we should. I love the beach. Few things make me feel more at peace than putting my toes in the sand and just sitting soaking in the rays. But being in SoCal the weather's kind of awkward and as much as I want to be in a bathing suit, my Floridian blood can't handle it yet.

So we took the dogs down to the beach and walked toward the border. He ran with Stella for a while and naturally Eevah needed to see where they went so we started to jog a bit, and it was perfect.

Saturday we went to a book store where I remembered just how expensive books are. I bought and have already read Calling Me Home and cannot recommend it enough. I cried heart wrenching ugly tears and I'm still feeling for the characters. A post about my book-olution and possibly a book exchange are coming up this week. After seeing how expensive books are, and not enjoying kindle's and nook's unless I'm traveling, the idea of a book share between bloggers and friends crossed my mind. If you'd be interested let me know so I can gauge if it'd be worth trying to do!

Anyways, we finally found journals (we're trying to document this year in journal form and couldn't find good journals). And then walked on the beach again. Which was perfect.

A stop at Buffalo Wild Wings and a failed attempt at having a bonfire on the beach marked our Sunday and we celebrated Martin Luther King Day with our bonfire Monday. If you've never had a bonfire on the beach, you need to add it to your bucket list. It was just so peaceful and fun to be able to have my toes in the sand while roasting marshmallows. And the big swell was starting to roll in so the waves were breaking loudly.

And these are the reactions when a friend throws lighter fluid on the fire while you're trying to get a picture. sigh. Boys and their obsession with lighter fluid.

I've been in a bit of a mood lately, but sometimes all you truly need is a good weekend with your husband. Add the dogs and some good friends in and I'm a happy camper again.


  1. iuaha;fouvhaofugh loveeeeee. yes to the book trading. yes to these beautiful pictures you took. yes to the bonfires and all of the wonderful things. love this. love you :)