11 February 2014

Cowles Mountain

A month or two ago Nic took me on a surprise date night where I had to wear work out clothes. I hadn't started my get swoll plan yet and I would be lying if I didn't say I was nervous and prepared to pretty much get a sneaky hardcore workout in. As was actually kind of annoyed about it. But he surprised me by taking me to a cool hiking trail right in the middle of San Diego -- Cowles Mountain. It's a pretty friendly trail packed with friends, runners, and people with dogs. You're rewarded with a gorgeous view of all of San Diego once you get to the top.

We decided to go back for round two but this time we brought our friend Amanda, Stella and Amanda's Great Pryanese Goliath.  It was supposed to be my "off" day but instead I got to stretch all of my sore muscles with a nice long hike.

If you're ever in San Diego and need something fun to do for a few hours I would definitely recommend it. I'm not sure if I'd really recommend running it but that's just my opinion.  Running past people walking on their own, and those with their dogs, just didn't look fun to me. Not to mention going down the mountain would just result in pain if you were to fall.  Also make sure to bring poop bags for your dogs, and water for yourself and them.  There were water bowls as well as two gallons of water at the top for the dogs to drink out of, but I'm not sure if they're there all the time.  We went during a windy day and the breeze was quite nice until the sun started to set and my inner Floridian started to freeze.

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