14 April 2015

Ford Island 10k

Two weekends ago I decided to run my first 10k and it was an adventure!  We're lucky enough to live on a historic island, within the island of Oahu, and the 10k was on our little island.

For the last few months Nic and I have been running periodically, and Stella and I have joined our friend Myria and her dog Koa, for runs. It hasn't been easy and I am beginning to think the "runner high" thing is a myth. I reached it once, and I haven't been able to get back. At the same time it's a nice release. Deployment is stressful and sometimes I think Stella needs to get out and get some built up energy out even more than I do.

I originally didn't have a goal time wise, because I wasn't running for time, but just to be able to finish it. After my first six miler I realized I needed a goal time to help push myself further. Average is 1:20 and for the first time ever all I wanted to be was average. Average was pushing myself and by golly I was ok with it. Myria had the lofty idea of 1:10 because possible so that was the far fetched goal. Come race day I somehow finished at 1:04. I'm really not sure how that one happened, but I'm not only so proud of myself for finishing, but also for completely kicking my goal time in the boat!

Here's to a half marathon on May 23rd!

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