13 January 2014

Whale Watching

I've always wanted to go whale watching. I love the ocean and the many creatures that inhabit it. I think whales are so amazing. The thought of them just gliding through the water so effortlessly is beautiful.

One of the many things I've waned to do upon moving here was go whale watching. The grey whales migrate from the colder waters of Alaska down to the warmer waters in Baja, California (Mexico) every year to have their young. My dad was equally anxious to try and see them. I was kind of nervous to go out of the boat. Last time I was on a "bigger" boat I felt terribly seasick, the plus the nausea I've been feeling lately meant I was convinced I was going to be green faced off the side.  But half a dramamine and a rum and pineapple later and I was happy as could be.

We embarked on one of the Hornblower cruises and ended up having a great time. The ship was big and there were enough levels that we didn't feel like sardines. In typical San Diego fashion is got chilly and a fog rolled in as soon as we got out into the water.  Our parents hadn't seen the fogs that we get yet and my dad and I both kept joking that we expected the Black Pearl to appear.

The whales were amazing and beautiful. We saw the first one in the fog which just made the whole experience a little eery. Over the next 3.5 hours we saw a bunch of whales, dolphins and even sea lions!  For all of my military friends, get your tickets at the MWR -- prices are really fantastic! And for everyone who can't get discounted tickets, it was definitely still worth the full price.

I'm so happy we were able to see such magical creatures. It was a perfect afternoon adventure that I don't think any of us are going to forget.


  1. I need to go at some point while we're here in Hawai'i!

    1. It's so worth doing! We had so much fun and it was amazing to be able to see them. There were sailboats around us who were also looking for them and they got super close.