11 January 2017

Lava Flow

We were lucky enough to be able to see the lava flow from the Kīlauea Volcano before we left Hawaii.  Seeing the lava flow was on our bucket list, but it obviously wasn't anything we had control over so once the lava started getting to the ocean and we were able to book a trip I was beyond excited.

There are multiple options to be able to see the lava going into the ocean.  You can go on a boat ride which will take you up close to the water.  It is supposed to be beautiful but they're also tiny boats and ridiculously expensive.  You can take a helicopter ride, but it is also expensive and we are more meander type of people.  We like to relax and take our time looking at things.  So, we decided to walk from the Chain of Craters road.  We packed a few snacks and water and embarked on our journey.  It was over 4 miles there and we didn't think it would be too too bad. . but shoot.  It's just barren land and by golly was it boring.  When we finally hit the sign saying there was a mile left I was over it.  We were treated to a lovely couple in an argument and the husband continued on while the wife walked behind us.  It kept us a little entertained but was also extremely awkward and uncomfortable.

We planned it so we would reach the lava entering the ocean just before sunset.  It was beyond beautiful watching the lava become even more alive as the sun was setting. Never in a million years did we expect to be able to see it. I truly would have gone back if we could have found some more time before we left.  It was just so magical!  Mother nature is so powerful.

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