22 March 2015

Scuba Certified

A few weeks ago Nic got this brilliant idea that we should get scuba certified before he leaves for  deployment. It wasn't too shabby of a way to spend some of his leave days.

The first dive, a confined water dive, usually takes place in a pool as you're practicing basic skills. We were able to do it in calm water right off the beach and as soon as we got out Nic saw two monk seals.  Our lesson was put on hold and we were able to swim with them for a few minutes before they went on their way.  Our four open water dives were amazing.  We swam with sea turtles every dive and between the other four we were able to swim with a spotted eagle ray and see quite a few eels (one was as round as my head, not even joking), a white nudibranch, pufferfish (one was also the size of my arm, not even joking there either), and countless other fish and corals. I was reminded of how much I love yellow tangs and box fish. We started our last set of dives later than expected but we were able to see the most amazing sunset on our way back into port.  It was such a wonderful time and I cannot wait to get back out there again!

Our next goal is for new fins for me and my own wetsuit and booties, because even though we may be in Hawaii, it is darn cold and no one likes wearing someone else's wetsuit.

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