09 January 2012

A Cabin & The Beach: Our Vacation

Oh Christmas break.  I knew you were going to be interesting but I never expected what occurred. I’ll take y’all back to the beginning of the break though. That’s really only fair.

Nic and I have never really been on an actual vacation together. We’ve gone on overnight beach trips and trips here and there with our families but never a legitimate vacation just the two of us. After Nic got his car we decided I would fly up and then drive down with him for Christmas break; a fun little road trip. That somehow escalated into him finding us a honeymoon cabin on a mountain in West Virginia and us spending three days there.

When I say it was amazing, I mean it. We both have been dealing with so much between school, my crazy health, the drama with his family. . we really needed “us” time and we knew we weren’t going to get any once we got back. When Nic first booked the cabin he showed me a picture entitled “Winter Wonderland”. Everything was all white, and new, and just magnificent. Needless to say we prayed that it would be like that once we got there but snow wasn’t in the forecast until that Sunday, the day we were leaving.

We finally made it to the cabin around 11 on Friday evening. I was inside taking pictures of everything while it was still perfect and all of a sudden Nic starts yelling for me to come out. It had started to snow. I honestly think we would have been as happy as can be if that’s all it snowed all weekend. We sat outside kissing and hugging and smiling in the little snow flurries knowing everything was going to be just a-okay.

I woke up earlier than Nic Saturday morning and looked outside to find snow sticking to the ground. I was so excited.  I made a pot of coffee, grabbed my gluten free gingerbread spice cookies and just sat in front of the fire watching the snow fall. I haven’t been so content and just happy with life in a long time. I (and we) didn’t have to worry about anything else, or anyone else. The weekend was truly just about us. We decided to do a “no cell phone” rule which was partially implemented by us and partially by the overall lack of reception. It really helped out to not hear the constant “ding” of a text coming in. It also didn’t stop snowing the entire time we were there and by the time we were getting ready to leave Sunday morning the ground was covered and two inches had accumulated. It was gorgeous.

I need to tell y’all about the cabin before I get carried away on a tangent. We were on a mountain West Virginia. We had complete privacy. It was absolutely amazing. There was a hot tub outside that had a privacy fence around it so you were free to skinny dip ;) and oh, be in a hot tub in the SNOW! That has always been on my bucket list and I was able to do it.

As far as the bathroom is concerned, I want my bathroom to be modeled around this one but with an old fashioned tub in it as well. The floors were heated so your feet didn’t freeze as soon as you stepped out of the shower and they had a towel warmer. Yes, a towel warmer. We literally had towels that felt as though they just came out of the dryer. I was in heaven. The shower was set up for two, but there were six shower heads. You had the one that was above your head, one for your upper back and than one for your lower. Have I mentioned I was in heaven yet?

The entire house was heated by the fireplace. You set the thermostat and the fire periodically came on to keep the house at the correct temperature. While I would have loved to roast marshmallows, having a fire that maintained itself was nice.

The kitchen was superb, the dining room, living room and bedroom were gorgeous. It was a studio type cabin but everything flowed and was separated classily and flawlessly. It was perfect.

We decided to have our own Christmas and do presents at the cabin. We had tossed around the idea of getting a small little Christmas tree but after the cost of the cabin, an unexpected $100 grocery trip to Whole Foods, and everything else was calculated it didn’t really make sense. So we just used theirs. Nicy got me a gorgeous pair of pearl studs which I’ve been hinting at for the past few months and that match my pearl ring and necklace. And an apron. While some girls would have probably gotten offended by this I was ecstatic. I have wanted one but never actually took the plunge.

Our own little "Christmas" tree
I really didn’t want to leave.

Coming down from the cabin was the most atrocious part of the entire drive. Living in Florida I haven’t had to deal with winding roads much and am therefore not at all accustomed to them at all. We almost died at one point while we were going to the most windy road ever and assumed it must be a one way since the road itself was so tiny. We realized we were wrong when all of a sudden a car was coming at us.

In order to break up the 18 hour drive home we decided to stop in Myrtle Beach Sunday and Monday night and continue home on Tuesday.  While trying to get to Myrtle Beach the garmin also decided she was going to take us through a field. A legitimate dirt road called “Log Cabin Road” in the middle of the night where there were no lights and quail were flying up from the remainder of the cotton fields because our car was frightening them. I found this absolutely hysterical, Nic didn’t think it was nearly as funny.

We tried to find a dinner at 10 p.m. on a Sunday. In the off season. We found “Big Willie’s Diner”. It was the most sketch place EVER. We waited the hour and a half left to Myrtle Beach and went to Applebee’s instead. Life saving decision in my opinion.

We have also developed a love for antique shops – more I have converted Nic into a lover of antique shops as well. On the way home from Myrtle Beach we stopped at this darling little antique shop where he bought me the most precious little thimble as I was cross stitching a gift for my niece and kept poking myself.
A theme that stuck with us throughout the trip was the Navy. The cabin was on “Anchors A Way” which was off of “Nautical Lane” and the hotel we stayed in at Myrtle Beach had anchors everywhere. It was really cute.

We went from the snow to the beach in a day and got to experience both on our first vacation. I guess I can’t really complain that much. But let’s be honest, I would do anything to go back to the cabin.

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