11 July 2015

A Port Call

As soon as we found out Nic would be a SWO we started discussing the possibility of a port call as soon as the big "D" word came around.

I've been told countless times how you must go on a port call if you're able to. The stories that people tell, and the happiness and passion behind those stories, are enough to push you to save up as much money as you can to make it a reality.

We were lucky enough to have Australia on our port list and I am lucky enough to be part of an active wardroom with other wives were also planning on visiting at some point. A few months after they left and we were on our way to Western Australia. Four of us on the same flight meant no sitting by strangers, being able to split taxis and hotel rooms, and having someone to commiserate with once they left again.

This Navy life is crazy, and sometimes a bit depressing, but for all of those depressing times there are adventures awaiting. And wine.  If you would have told me upon Nic's commissioning that I would have been able to visit him in Australia with good friends, I would have laughed at you. Even if you told me a year ago I would have laughed at you.  But here I am, writing about a wonderful trip.


  1. So awesome to have a port call in Australia, subs rarely/never do! Glad you made the most of the port call :)

  2. It was such a fun time! That's so sad that subs hardly go there. Ironically enough one came in around when Nic's ship did! Hopefully you'll be able to go visit for one (or just on a vacation with the hubs because goodness knows that would be better).