01 December 2013

Life as a Newlywed: 6 months

Before our wedding we received an abundance of advice on how to make sure we enjoyed our wedding day. I was overwhelmed by how many people came forward with the things they did, and didn't do, just to make sure we were able to not make any of the same mistakes they did. I'm finding marriage to be the same way. We've been blessed with so many kind words from family and friends on how to try and make the most out of this year and while I appreciate the advice it's so hard to forget that we're all so different and every married is unique.

We've been on this newlywed adventure for six months now, six months! The time is flying by so quickly and before we know it it's going to be our year anniversary and I'm just not ready for that yet. I've been getting quite nostalgic for our wedding day this past weekend. It was just so fun and perfect and I can't believe it's over! I've learned a few things these past few months, some that friends warned us about, and others that we've just encountered on our own. Here's a list of my favorite discoveries and things that we've started to live by on this adventure. 

1. We're not the newest newlyweds anymore. We were asked if we just got married a few nights ago and I eagerly responded "Yes! June first!" only to get a slightly confused look in response. We're no longer the "newest newlyweds" on the block. Even if it feels like you're wedding was just yesterday, someone is going to have you beat. 

2. We both hate doing laundry. Neither of us actually enjoys doing laundry and we really need to work out a schedule before the laundry pile leaks out of it's designated area. 

3. Questions. I was perusing Pinterest one afternoon before the wedding and found this pin with the "ten tricks to being happily married" or something else just as silly. After clicking on it I found a list of five questions this couple has asked each other every Sunday during their marriage and we decided to do it as well. We added some questions because I didn't feel like the five really covered everything we needed but it has been a great Sunday dinner tradition. 

4. Your marriage is unique to you. One thing I've always hated is how everyone compares what they have to each other whether it be a pencil, dress, car, boyfriend and now that has spilt into marriage. I feel like it is too easy for others to judge how you live your life and how your marriage works. Advice is wonderful, and always appreciated, but what works for someone else doesn't necessarily have to work for you. 

5. Always say you're sorry. Sometimes things come out that are awkward. Or bickering happens. Or you burn the cookies for the fifth time. Always remember that an apology goes far, and going to bed upset just ensures that you will wake up on the wrong side of the bed. 

6. Be nice. It's one thing to joke around to tease, but always mind your p's and q's. Even with your best friend sometimes things can come out the wrong way. This goes back to #5. Always say your sorry if you messed up, or feel like you've done something. 

7. You're going to be continuely surprised by your spouse. Nic has consistently surprised me with his actions in the past few months. Sometimes it's little things, others have been huge and I constantly struggle to show my appreciation.

8. Things change. I feel like I haven't figured out much about being an adult other than when you think you have everything figured out chances are that things will change. It's slightly scary, but I've realized that as long as Nic is by my side change doesn't have to be big and scary, but instead is a new adventure for us to embark on.

9. Share passions. For us, sharing what each other cares about ensures that we're able to actually spend time together when work or life calls. We each have our own passions, and being able to help one another with them lets us spend quality time together while we get things done. And it also can cut work time by half.

10. Find where your marriages place is in your life.  There have been quite a few marriage advice articles floating around in the last two months, and everyone has their own opinion on them. And I think that's exactly how it should be. Everyone's marriage and relationship is unique to them, and you therefore live in the way that makes the most sense to you. The key is to live to your own standards, not your best friends, neighbors, or anyone else's. They're not the ones who you're going to be spending the rest of your life with, your spouse is.

Here's to my amazing husband and so many more happy months and years together! I can't believe half a year has passed by already!


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