31 December 2013

2013 in Pictures

2013 was an amazing year full of so many new places and new experiences. Here's a look at some of my favorite moments in pictures!

Eevah saw snow for the first time:

I had the most amazing bridal shower: 

We had our cake tasting:

Got to go to Hogwarts and drink butter beer: 

Had our second set of engagement photos taken: 

Studied hard with our pre-cana classes:

Stuffed our wedding invitations: 

Went shopping for our flowers for our wedding: 

Got to spend so much time with my grandparents:

Spent Mothers Day with both my grandma and mom for the second year in a row:

Commissioning week festivities:

Nic got commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy:

We got married:

We went on our honeymoon to Cape Santa Maria: 

We got to spend family time with my favorite mini people:

Stella Rose joined our family:

We spent fathers day with both our of families canoeing: 

Saw the Grand Canyon:

Cross country tripped to our new home in California:

Moved into our first home: 

We had our first married holiday, Thanksgiving: 

Had our first Christmas:

My parents visited for Christmas:

Went to the San Diego Zoo:

Saw wild seal lions: 

And my car get smooshed to shit two days before year is over:

I truly can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for our future! My car can only get better from here!

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