17 December 2013

Every Dog's Different

When we first got Stella there was no doubt in our minds that we were going to get her spayed. We still haven't gotten Eevah spayed but she's little so when she comes into heat it hasn't really been a big issue, and it's only happened less than a handful of times. Then we met Jerico, our friends absolutely gorgeous Northern Inuit, and him and Stella played as puppies, and we all fantasized over what gorgeous puppies they would make.

We've had Stella's spay appointment set twice since we've been out here. But it's always fallen in terrible timing with Nic's schedule so we've just pushed it back. Eevah didn't come into heat until at least a year and a half so I didn't really find the rush in getting it done. I didn't really put Stella being bigger and her shorter life expectancy (gasp! I didn't point that out, Nic did) into the equation so when she came into heat this week it was a not so pleasant surprise.

While frustrating and gross, it has been rather hysterical. Her entire personality has completely changed. She's cuddly and weird and won't eat unless Eevah was making a move for her food, which is just not Stella. I finally couldn't do it and, I kid you not, we went to get doggie diapers tonight. Of course the worlds smallest Wal-Mart by us didn't have any larger size than smalls so a quick google search told me that other owners have used human underwear and liners. So off we went to go get pink undies and pads. The level of uncomfortable amusement was hysterical. I'm sure all the Baja California residents thought we were muy loco as we died laughing while deciding which panties "she would like better". And whether or not to get scented pads. Oh the tmi of this all.

But there are a few morals of the story. First, google when your dog's going to go into heat if you have a female and are putting off spaying her. Second, we might be able to make awesome puppies in the future. Third, don't be so uptight and laugh at the awkward situations in life. I was in a terrible mood the night she went into heat and then just laughed. It's easy to get caught up in the shittiness of situations rather than just laugh at the timing of things and remember that you can't change and control everything. Life wouldn't be as fun if it was like that. And honestly, laughing around Wal-Mart and giggling up a storm together with Nic is something I could never be upset about, no matter what the circumstances of it all are. Poor Nic, buying pads for our dog before he had to buy tampons for me and understanding why pads are quite possibly "the worst invention" had me dying in laugher all night. HA.

Also, we ended up saving a ton of money by doing the DIY way of getting Stella diapers. We spent maybe $10 vs the $40 we would have spent for the same number of diapers and less doggie pads. . crazy. We'll see how these hold up.  Oh and Wal-Mart has footie pajamas for anyone looking. We almost got me a pair because my feet are always could and we're weird but they were all adult size 20 and up. What. The. Crap.

And here's a picture of Stella in her diaper, finally eating. Feel free to laugh. 

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