09 December 2013

We Cut Down Our Christmas Tree

I've always said how I wanted to cut down my own Christmas tree one day, it's even on my bucket list.  I thought we would do it last year in Maryland, but finals and the fact that we were going home for Christmas didn't make it worth it. We still decorated and got our "first tree" together but it didn't knock off that box on my bucket list.  After googling a bit I found out you could cut down your own trees here in San Diego. Who would have thought you could cut your Christmas tree down in SoCal. We were mulling it over and the our friends texted us about the place and we all bit the bullet and went.

We weren't in the middle of the woods with snow all around and winter hats on, but, we still were able to cut down our first married tree together! For some reason Nic thought he'd be using an ax to cut it down so he was a little disappointed, but it was absolutely perfect. It's a weird type of tree, not a douglas fir but it smells delightful and is filling our home with such Christmas cheer. And it really wasn't that much more expensive than getting a regular tree. The experience was worth the price difference.

Here's to crossing something off our my bucket list together as we experience our true first Christmas together.

PS: If you're looking to cut your own tree down in the San Diego area we highly recommend going to the Family Tree Farm.  I regret not buying one of their cut wreaths, but I wouldn't recommend the mistletoe. We only left our in the bag for a day and when we took it out it was falling apart. They also have other types of trees you could buy that are pre-cut, but, I'd definitely buy those at Wal-Mart if you're not wanting to cut one down yourself -- those were priced crazy!


  1. Hurray! Looks like a lot of fun :) Glad you could cross something off your bucket list!

    1. Me too! I never thought it'd be crossed off while living in SoCal but it was so much fun!