27 December 2013

Christmas Day

Our Christmas day was a fun one.  Our first married Christmas plus having both our families with their own traditions under one household made for some interesting, but fun, moments. It was a wonderful day.

I'm not a fan of the people who will sit and boast about all of the things they get, but I just want to be one of the boastful people, just for a few moments.  We were so blessed this Christmas.  I still can't wrap my head around all of the wonderful things were received.  I surprised Nic by finishing our honeymoon scrapbook, and he somehow managed to surprise me with the Canon SL1 that we were planning on saving up for over the next few months.  My parents surprised us with three amazing canvases and we finally got a picnic basket with spots for wine bottles from Nic's family. Add an old fashioned popcorn maker and some gardening tools into the mix and I just can't believe it. Oh, and we got a new bedroom set.

Ok, I'm done. It was just SO perfect. Spending time together was everything I could have asked for and I can't begin to say how blessed we are for our families and just one another.

Enjoy some pictures from my amazing new camera! I still can't believe he got it.


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