16 May 2016

Hawaii Bucket List

Our remaining time on our little island in the middle of the Pacific is unknown, so I decided we should make a Hawaii bucket list to try and make sure we do the things we've been eying.  I was able to do quite a few of these while Nic was deployed (great friends make life easier!) but they won't be crossed off until we can do them together.

This list will be a work in progress, but please post anything you love about our island that I may have missed!
  1. Visit the USS Arizona 
  2. Dive Sharks Cove, blog post here
  3. Snorkel Hanauma Bay
  4. Snorkel Electric Beach
  5. Go to a luau
  6. Eat at a North Shore Shrimp truck
  7. Matsumoto's shave ice
  8. Visit the Dole Plantation
  9. Watch the sunset on Sunset Beach
  10. Watch a surf competition 
  11. Visit Kauai 
  12. Visit Molokai
  13. Visit The Big Island, blog post(s) here
  14. Visit Maui, blog post(s) here
  15. Road to Hana, blog post here
  16. Visit Lanai 
  17. Mermaid Caves
  18. Keana Point 
  19. Pele's Chair & Alan Davis Beach jump  
  20. See the Volcano, blog post here
  21. Koko Crater Arch, blog post here
  22. Koko Crater Stairs 
  23. Diamond Head
  24. Lanikai Pillboxes 
  25. Kayak to the Mokes, blog post here
  26. Kayak to Chinaman's Hat
  27. Swim with turtles 
  28. Visit Kualoa Ranch  (where parts Jurassic Park and Lost were filmed!)
  29. Lanikai Beach 
  30. Makapu'u tide pools (to swim in the one to the left)
  31. Climb Mt Olympus 
  32. Climb Mt Ka'ala 
  33. Ride the Harley around the island 
  34. Fireworks booze cruise of Waikiki
  35. Corsair wreck dive 
  36. Find a sunrise shell (fingers crossed)
  37. Rock jump Waimea Bay
  38. Eat at the original Roy's
  39. Attend the lantern festival 
  40. Manta ray night dive, blog post here 
  41. Find a tako while diving or snorkeling (and hold it)
  42. Mac nut farm tour
  43. Manoa Falls
  44. Rock bridge, blog post here
  45. Find a Jackson Chameleon on a hike
  46. Do the Dole Planation Maze 
  47. Swim with dolphins 
  48. Get open water dive qualified, blog post here
  49. Get advanced dive qualified 
  50. Go to the Swap Meet
  51. Go to the Kaneohe Bay Sandbar


  1. We did a luau through the military hotel in Honolulu and it was awesome!I'm super jealous though. I'd love to have your bucket list :)

  2. Go to Paradise Cove for the lu'au, I've heard it's the best! You get the rest of your list knocked out in no time.