18 March 2015

The Rock Bridge

One of the coolest things I keep seeing on hiking pages out here is the rock bridge. I absolutely love when Mother Nature and God work together to create something amazing out in nature -- and this is one of those things.

People are pretty secretive on where the Rock Bridge is actually located. A lot of people on island want to keep things quiet to both preserve them as well as make you feel more excitement when you actually find it. Yelp had some decent tips and we saw a few people heading out in the general direction so we knew we were on the right path.

It's a relatively easy hike. I can see it getting hot as can be on a sunny day, but we had some crazy trade winds and clouds working in our favor. I do recommend bringing a camera case or backpack just so you're not walking down any steep portions with your expensive camera in hand -- it's a little nerve-wracking.


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  1. That is beautiful!! Love you both and miss you both!!