07 November 2015

Kilauea Volcano

We spent the first night of our trip in Volcano National Park.  It was a bit risky to put all of our eggs in a basket in terms of seeing the glow of the Kilauea Volcano at night.  You are able to see the glow of the volcano from the Halema'uma'u Crater which is seen from the Jagger Museum.   There is an easily accessible overlook right in front of the museum that has beautiful views of the crater both during the day and at night.  You can also see the crater from the Volcano House which is a cute restaurant with unbeatable views of the crater.

Unfortunately a heavy mist set over the town right at sunset and we weren't able to see the glow.  We tried to wake up for sunrise but got to the edge of the volcano just in time to see a beautiful sunrise, but not to see any glow.  A change of plans during our third day allowed us the leeway to drive back up to Volcano to try and see the glow again. A beautiful sunset later and we were watched the red glow emerge.  It was definitely worth the two hour and forty minute round trip to be able to see a volcano glowing at night!

We stayed at the Kilauea Military Cabins while in Volcano National Park.  Pricing breaks down but what unit you want and the active duty members rank so it's affordable for whatever your ranking may be.  We ended up in a one bedroom cottage with a fireplace at a rate that couldn't be beat.  Around the holidays and peak travel season (summer) reservations fill up months in advance, but our timing allowed us to book the cabin a mere three weeks out.

While you can't guarantee the ability to see the glow at night, seeing the Halema'uma'u Crater is something you must do if you're planning a trip to the Big Island.

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