04 June 2016

The Mokes

We finally made it out to the Mokulua Islands which are the two islands that sit off of Lanikai beach. We've wanted to kayak out here since we arrived but never made the journey. Thanks to a friends birthday, the long weekend, and a BOGO coupon we decided to venture out.

We rented our kayaks from Kailua Beach Adventures.  With a coupon we were able to get a good price for two tandem kayaks for half a day.  Pair that with some decent weather, a long weekend and a friends birthday and it was a recipe for an adventure!

The Mokes are actually a bird sanctuary. You're only able to land on Moku Nui which is the one to the left.  The day we went there was some decent wind which made the water choppier than usual, especially for this side.  None of us tipped, but we did get soaked from the waves on the way out.  Once we landed we enjoyed a little picnic and then got to the adventures!

I had heard there was a cliff jumping spot but didn't really read where it was.  I thought it was to the left,  but we overheard a women saying there was a tide pool you could jump into to the right and we decided to venture. After passing it (it really didn't look like something to jump into.. ) we kept going and walked around the island until we came to the bay where everyone was jumping. We happened to be on the wrong side and had to shimmy down and get in to get to the right side.  The ocean isn't something to take lightly.  Mother nature is a beast and you always need to be humble and remember that when you're out in the wild.  That thought, the surges and my nerves made the venture take a little longer but I trust my husband and he knows my limits.  Once we started going it wasn't even remotely as scary as it looked.

The boys cliff jumped a few times while Kristin and I relaxed.  Eventually, I may work up the nerve to jump off of something into the water.  Probably not, but I like to pretend I will.  Once we were done we finished walking around the island and kayaked back to Kailua Beach.  It was an amazing day and now it's crossed off of our bucket list!


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  1. Haha our remember our adventure to the Mokes. Getting in was easy, but getting out was such a task. We flipped trying to get out, but it made it all fun. I jumped from the back side a couple of times, but the waters were a little rough that day, so it put me on edge. Looks like you guys had a fun time!