16 April 2014


I love the color yellow. It's such a happy color that just makes me want to go outside and have a picnic. And when a friend on Facebook shares something with a yellow banner, I naturally take notice.

For as many negative articles that are out there, I'm beginning to see that there are also a decent amount of positive ones. While this isn't an article it is something that is really trying to make us all celebrate the happiness in our lives. I know life can get frustrating but there's always something happy around you, we just have to take time to notice those little things.

So I challenge all of you, my blogging and real friends, to join the 100 Happy Days project with me. It's not hard, and not even time consuming. All you do is take a picture and post it somewhere, or you can write down one thing that made you happy each day, it doesn't need to be a picture! You can even email it directly to them if you're not into instagram. I'll personally be taking to my instagram using the #100happydays hashtag. I'm starting today and would love for you to do it with me!

I'd love to follow along with any of you who are participating!


  1. I started this challenge on the first of the month and Im lovin' it! I just started to follow you on Instagram so I can see your happy moments :)

    1. I followed yours back! I definitely think it's such a good project. It's so nice to take time to appreciate the little things in life! :)