18 April 2014

Eight Years

our first picture and favorite picture 

It's hard to think that Nic and I have been dating for over eight years (and now we're married, ahh). I still break out in a giddy smile when someone says Mrs.Hajner and they're talking to me.  While out with friends a few weeks ago we got to talking about how we first started dating. I had the biggest crush on Nic from the first day of freshman year. Totally cliche but when he walked in. .
oh my goodness. But he had his own schedule and didn't want anything to do with me until I gave up. . in March. A few extremely long conversations on AIM, him putting me number one on his MySpace top 8 (I know right, so legit) and a day at the beach later and we began dating. Even though it's not our "real" anniversary anymore,  March 15th with always hold a very special place in our heart!

Here are a few pictures of us throughout the years. Get prepared for a trip down memory lane!

Eight years later:

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