07 January 2014

San Diego Zoo

We finally made it to the zoo!! We've been trying to go at least three times since we've been here but every time we planned a trip something happened with Nic's work. But today nothing happened and we were finally able to experience the magic that is the San Diego Zoo.

I was able to try out the amazing new camera my perfect husband surprised me with and had a blast. I always think I love the Zoo until I get there and get so sad looking at the small enclosures the poor animals are stuck in. Nevertheless it was a great day.  I made the mistake of dressing for the afternoon even though we were going to be out after dark and was freezing by the time we left. I totally recommend dressing accordingly if you're planning on making a trip out there and plan quite a few hours. San Diego gets chilly once the sun sets and the Zoo is huge. We were there for five hours and still didn't see everything. They do have buses that you can jump on that will drive you around the Zoo but I hated them, I honestly wonder how many people get "lightly" touched by those buses.

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