15 January 2012

Christmas Break

Christmas break itself was. . . interesting. The only way to adequately describe this Christmas is as odd. . .very odd. . . and different. Unlike other breaks I wasn’t living over Nic’s house. I only went to his dad’s house twice, one of the times he wasn’t even in town. But also unlike other breaks Nic got to spend a substantial amount of time at my house and with my family which everyone loved. I do understand why, but my family has truly gotten shafted in the “spending time with Nic” department so it was nice to have it be a little more even for once.

Usually our house is decked out with Christmas decorations. We have the “fun” tree up in the loft, the “serious” tree in the living room downstairs and our “old fashioned tree” on the patio. Well, the “serious” tree turned into the “church” tree this year as it only had lights on it, the patio tree remained normal and the upstairs tree got decorated only two days before Christmas Eve by Nicholas, my nephew Kaiden and I. If there is one thing that can make me smile it is how adorable Kaiden is. And just how much he loves his “unc”. It can melt your heart. We've always given each other ornaments on Christmas. I got this fabulous one of our "family" painted from a vendor on Etsy. I'm obsessed with how perfect it came out. Click here to go to her "store". It's totally worth it. Nic's ornament really hit the entire mood of the break on the head.

Really different about this Christmas was the fact that mom, dad and I were still wrapping presents Christmas morning to the point where I actually got to put some presents under the tree. (Santa usually puts them all there while we are asleep) It was extremely weird. Unlike normal Santa also forgot to label some presents so everything had a “open the corner and show to mom so she can make sure it’s yours” disclosure leading to a very interesting and hilarious present opening.

A very pleasant thing did occur this Christmas. Nic surprised me on Christmas Eve and drove from his grandparent’s house in St.Petersburg – two hours away – to Orlando at 1 o’clock in the morning Christmas Day. For the first time ever we were able to wake up in each other’s arms on Christmas morning. After that there were few things Santa could have given me that would have made me any happier as that’s all I have been wanting for such a long time. While he had to leave at 8:30 to make it back before everyone woke up I can’t complain. Soon it will be our time and soon we’ll be able to actually have a Christmas together without other people being selfish and throwing fits and trying to push consequences on things that should never be viewed as something “bad”.

While it was weird and different Christmas was also about exactly what it should be about. I have never needed my family as much as I did this Christmas and they were there. And Nic made sure he was there too. Sometimes people do terrible malicious and hurtful things and there really is no excuse that you can provide them. Instead you just have to realize you have the support of so many loving people around you who will do anything to make sure you’re okay and you’re allowed to cry, or smile, or drink an entire bottle (or five) of wine. You just have to remember it’ll all be okay, and karma is such a bitch.

The week after Christmas was spent getting cat scans, a colonoscopy and just feeling terribly sick. Nic was able to go to an appointment with me and be there for the colonoscopy. It was nice having him and my mom there to make me laugh when I went in and laugh at me under my anesthesia when I got wheeled back out. Having him to cuddle with while I was feeling so run down definitely helped out a bit as well. All of my medical appointments and procedures over break made me realize a couple things: my veins roll and collapse, some nurses just suck, I would only wish the colonoscopy prep on three people in the entire world, I’m a medical anomaly, some people are just selfish, and the contrast for cat scans is absolutely atrocious and will make you sick.
Nicy keeping me amused and calm
We’ve spent the last six New Years at my house playing cards, watching tv and just hanging out with my family. We have wanted to do something different the last two years but just haven’t gotten around to really planning anything and the fact that neither of us are twenty-one makes it extremely hard but we came upon a lovely solution; a date night at The Melting Pot. I tried out a red dress, Nic got all dressed up and we had a much needed romantic date night and we were still back in time to play a game of scrabble and watch the ball drop with my family.

Full of trials and tribulations, yes, but it was still a very lovely break. And while our drive down was one great vacation as soon as we both realized how hard it was going to be to be back in Orlando with the hatred and “competition for time” we began to bicker. On the other hand the drive back to Annapolis was perfect. We didn’t bicker once, played car games and just laughed and laughed. Nic got to visit, and be disappointed in, South of The Border for the first time.  While he had to be back on Friday I stayed until Sunday night and we were able to have some fun Annapolis time which of course included The Wild Orchid for brunch. Which was weird because they carded. . . awkward. And I wasn't able to get my Spinach and Crab souffle! :( But I did get a crab omelet, which was still darn yummy.

Brunch at The Wild Orchid

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