21 January 2012

My Bucket List

Ever since watching the movie The Bucket List I have had a mini bucket list of my own forming in my head. I have never written it down though so I sadly forget things, or do something awesome like riding a motorcycle on a mountain in the sprinkling rain in Costa Rica, and wonder if it ever was on my bucket list. . it sure should have been. To be honest I partially haven't written it down purely because I was torn on whether I should share it with people, or keep it locked up in a little drawer somewhere. And lets be honest, some of the things I find imperative to do or accomplish before I die may be things that y'all have done a thousand times. Or find absolutely bonkers. But I guess that's my problem, I care about other people's opinions too much. Who cares if you think that my wanting to do yoga on a cliff over the ocean is unrealistic, I think it's fabulous. And I promise you I will do it. . eventually.

I want to say that the list goes from trivial and expected to unique and unusual but it doesn't. It's in an order straight from my head so it's jumbled. I'll be continuously adding to this as more things pop into my head and hopefully crossing things off as I'm able to accomplish them.

  1. Make creme brulee
  2. Go for a long run on the beach 
  3. Have a house with a white picket fence
  4. Positively effect someone's life
  5. Have two kids: a boy and girl 
  6. Go to Ireland
  7. Go to Bora Bora
  8. Go to Greece
  9. Go to Alaska 
  10. Run in a 5K and finish respectfully 
  11. Run a marathon 
  12. Cross stitch a quilt
  13. Paint an oil painting 
  14. Do karaoke 
  15. Successfully do the Duval Crawl in Key West
  16. Have a wine weekend in Napa Valley 
  17. Come up with a perfect gluten free cookbook of fabulous desserts
  18. Sew a dress 
  19. Make a snowman
  20. Ski!
  21. Horseback ride on a beach
  22. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef 
  23. Skinny dip in the ocean 
  24. Live in a cottage
  25. Own a pink beach cruiser 
  26. Live on the beach 
  27. Have a cabin
  28. See a bear in the wild 
  29. "Own" a star
  30. Get a massage on a secluded beach  
  31. Go to the circus
  32. Have floor tickets to a basketball game
  33. Sit in the front row at a concert
  34. See the Northern Lights 
  35. Have a tulip garden
  36. Be in a hot tub during a snow fall  12/11
  37. Have an MRI (in the full tube not the half one, yes it's weird but whatever)
  38. Swim with sea turtles 
  39. Jump off a cliff into the ocean
  40. Cave dive
  41. Go to a hot spring (Costa Rica 2010)
  42. Go to the Army/Navy Game


  1. I LOVE this!!!!!! :) I have TONS of oil paint.. I'll teach you!!!! :)

    1. My mom got me a bunch of oil and acrylic and canvases and brushes for Christmas. I'm so excited!! I want to do a pretty picture with tulips lol.